3 Tips for Branding Your Event

June 6, 2016 Susan Douglin

Many things have changed in the past few decades in terms of how to market events, and even more importantly, how to market your brand. There is so much power in having a strong brand presence in the event planning industry because of the way it helps your business survive. Recessions come and go but knowing how to survive them will contribute to the longevity of your success as an NYC event planner.

Many events have survived the fluctuating events market like Coachella, E3, and even Woodstock because of the strength their brands hold. In this blog post, we’re going to review the 3 marketing pillars that will make your event brand everlasting.


1. Differentiation

Emphasizing your brand’s unique characteristics will make it easy for you to stand out in a sea of copycats. It will also help define your brand against your biggest competitor. Just think Mac vs. PC advertisements and how much power is in the differentiation of the two brands and how its worked towards building their consumer base.


2. Staying Consistent

Consistency in your branding material like the colors you use and the logos are the core components of the success of your branding efforts. In the event planning business, that means that all of your marketing material must make sense and relate to one another in the typography, logos, and colors. Think of it like this: When you think Coke, do you think Red or Blue? How about when you think Pepsi? See, you instantly thought of a color when reading the name of each brand. These two brands are considered rivals but they have both done an excellent job of staying consistent with their branding, so they have both succeeded for decades.


3. Personalization

The best of the best in the event planning industry have had the magic touch when it comes to addressing their clients in an individual and direct form while still making sure to stay connected with their potential leads. In the events industry, personalization is the nucleus of branding. If you can make your leads feel like they’re talking to a friend that is interested in helping them make their event a success, you’ve gained a loyal and possibly long-term client.


If you’re looking for ways to build your brand in the event planning business, stay connected and be sure to attend The Event Planner Expo in NYC each year to stay relevant in the industry.

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