How Event Planners in New York Measure Engagement at Corporate Events

May 4, 2018 Susan Douglin

“Audience engagement” may appear to be a buzz word that is used way too often. However, it’s proof that your event strategy shaped a concrete ROI.

In this post, Event Planners in New York will learn about established approaches to measure attendee engagement stages at professional events.

Due Diligence

Start by analyzing your website traffic. When a person has an interest in your event brand, the website is the first place they visit. A successful event ought to stimulate interest in your brand and this will lead to a corresponding flow in website traffic. You can use Google Analytics to measure traffic and examine your website’s performance.

You should set goals to accurately interpret your numbers. By setting goals, Event Planners in New York can measure how much of their post-event traffic converted into leads. Here are some ways to do this:

  • URL goals - monitor the number of visitors that land on a particular page on your website, like your event gallery.
  • Event goals - monitor particular events, for example, newsletter signups or downloads.
  • Time goals - monitor the normal length of time for each website visit.
  • Page goals - monitor the number of pages visitors click on each visit.

As Event Planners in New York, you know that your attendee email list is extremely valuable. Especially since you’re able to strategically sector event email campaigns to target specific contacts, you can also keep track of how these campaigns perform. We're talking email open rates, click count and number of downloads.

Cash in on Social Media

People love hashtags. Creating the perfect hashtag is the best way to categorize a digital message. There is no doubt that hashtags dramatically boost engagement.

As stated by marketing specialists, generating and utilizing unique hashtags is one of the best trackable forms of creating hype around events on social media.

To set up an alert for your hashtag use social media tools like Brand24, Hootsuite or Buffer.

Measure and Boost Participation

A high level of participation is a sure sign of audience engagement. The more stimulated and involved your attendees are, the likelier they are to participate by asking questions and taking a part in discussions. Help contribution and boost engagement even further by using Catchbox. Get your audience involved and entertained by passing the microphone around the room. It will also break the ice, eases the mood, and energizes the discussion which will make your event even more unforgettable. 

Look to Attendance Numbers 

Relate initial registrations numbers to the dropout rate. If attendees are having the time of their lives at an event they won’t leave until it ends. It is more likely that an engaged attendee will stay to the very end of your event. You can get an accurate picture of your event’s success by keeping tabs on RSVPs and then compare that number of attendees that stayed until the end of your event.

To get more accurate numbers Event Planners in New York can link attendee counting to a feature like making everyone who checks in at the entrance eligible for a prize draw at the end of the event.

Ask Your Attendees

Sometimes all you must do is just ask. Conduct an in-event survey. That is a tried and true technique to get honest feedback. It’s a great idea to survey your speakers and attendees so that you can collect perspectives and insights from both sides. We recommend sending an email with a link to a survey you created.


There is a lot of hard event data Event Planners in New York can use to measure their audience engagement, but even with all that Event Planners in New York have to think critically about each number. And sometimes you just must go with your gut feeling, but with these simple methods of audience engagement measuring, you’ll be able to support your gut with some real evidence. 

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