5 Healthy Catering Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

August 6, 2019 Susan Douglin

We’re living in a time where healthy is the new black and the days where comfort foods like baked ziti or mac n cheese were top menu items at events are out the door. Knowing which healthy food items will be appealing to guests at an event is now the new challenge. I mean, do you know which nut milk goes well with an event menu?

Theoretically, it may not necessarily be a part of an event planner’s job to decide on which items from the latest food trends should be included on the menu. Although it would be ideal to be “in the know” if you’re looking to impress guests while delivering the best experience.

Often times the caterer presents their suggested menu items, and other times, the client requests what they want to be included. But, if you’re in charge of organizing an event, having some insight on the latest healthy food trends would be a major plus.

Food plays a major role in any type of event so the menu is a decisive component in the takeaway for each guest. Event Planners in New York are leaning less on relying on third parties when finalizing event details, and instead they’re relying more on the feedback provided from previous events. With that in mind, we’ve gathered catering ideas that were all the rage at recent events to help event organizers decide on healthy catering ideas that will impress your guests.

5 Healthy Catering Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

CBD Catering

Alright let’s talk about it. While each state contemplates whether or not they are going to legalize the recreational and/or medicinal use of marijuana, the therapeutic (non-stoner) form of this beloved plant is beginning to take the world by storm. Many retailers are learning about the benefits of adding CBD to their products and the food industry was sure to follow. Cannabidiol is being used in many food items and while people decide on whether it’s taboo to use on their catering menu for events or not, Martha Stewart is leading the way with her announcement of launching her new CBD line of products.

The holistic benefits of CBD in food and beverages has been proven, but now rousing the wow factor for using CBD food choices on the catering menu is up to event planners. Depending on which state you live in, finding a chef that uses CBD ingredients to create gourmet meals and catering menus for events is beginning to rise. As you will see in the image above, the food and plating are just as attractive as any menu item, the difference is your guests will be buzzing about way more than your décor or event entertainment when they leave.

Farm-to-Table Menu Items

When people attend events, they want to know that the catering menu will include food choices they don’t usually eat on a regular day. With farm-to-table meals, you can deliver a unique and healthy food experience. Here’s your chance to impress guests with environmentally friendly ingredients that come in a plethora of colors, textures, and tastes. Healthy foodies may be used to eating fruits and veggies on a daily basis but not with the same plating style and perhaps not in the same cooking style. Reputable chefs are usually on top of food trends and know how to season these field food items to give it a pop.

Farm-to-table ingredients are considered one of the healthier food choices for events because the seasonal ingredients used are sourced from local farms and markets. The great thing is, healthy doesn't have to mean boring and with the right combination of ingredients, farm-to-table menu items can be used as appetizers or as main courses.

Bento Boxes

As popular as bento boxes have become in the food and hospitality industries, they are paving their way in the events industry as well. Both corporate event planners and social event organizers are beginning to find that bento boxes are a favorite on catering menus as well.

This traditional Japanese meal in a box provides guests with a healthy alternative that includes favorites like a variety of sushi, fish, pickled and/or chopped vegetables, and low-carb rice and/or noodles. Since it’s presented in a compartmented box, event planners can use this catering idea as a substitute for a buffet. It’s also a great choice for corporate event planners to use at business functions as a grab-and-go meal.

Miniature Food

As cute as little babies are to people, so are tiny food options for events. Beyond being adorbs for guests, miniature foods are a healthier choice than a full regular size dish. The calorie intake alone is much lower which allows the calorie-counting guests to indulge on comfort foods like mini waffles with chicken bites for this one special occasion. While most healthy conscious people will quickly pass by a food truck’s overwhelmingly delicious smell of greasy cheeseburgers on the grill, when it comes in a tiny size…they tend to grab one from the server’s plate as they pass by during cocktail hour.

For those guests who won’t indulge on a tiny burger because they would much prefer to stick to healthier choices, you can go with:

  • Ceviche
  • Lean meat skewers
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Miniature tacos
  • Miniature pizza
  • Tiny lobster rolls
  • Shrimp and grits in shot glasses
  • Veggie burger sliders

You can also have a spread of mini dessert choices to compliment the miniature food theme.

Healthy Cocktails

Cocktails play a significant role on the catering menu (and mood) when you’re looking to impress guests. In this Instagram moment-sharing world it’s always a good idea to add as much detail to everyone’s favorite cocktail drinks because more times than not, the guest you’re serving will post and share a picture of their decorative cocktail. So long as you’re adding a unique or creative twist to the cocktail drink, you can pretty much rely on one happy recipient.

To impress the healthy foodies, caterers are now offering innovative zero-proof beverages for cocktail hours and those booze-free guests are raving about it because they get to mingle with the rest of the guests sans the hangovers.

For more ideas on the latest catering trends, keep checking back on our blog each week to stay up to date with the best ways to deliver excellent food experiences for your guests and attendees.


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