5 Reasons to Become an Event Planner in NYC

January 16, 2020 Susan Douglin

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the chaos that accompanies the events industry in New York and overlook the favoring attributes. The professional life of an event planner can most certainly become difficult at times, but rather than concentrate on the demanding aspect of the job, let’s instead focus on the overwhelmingly rewarding component. Keep reading to find out the top 5 reasons to love your job in the event planning industry!

Event Planners in NYC Love Variety

One of the best factors of an event planner’s profession, is the presence of variety. Each day consists of something entirely different, whether it be exploring new venues, trying rare floral arrangements, listening to entertainers perform, or simply discussing and conceptualizing with a client. Because no two events are ever the same, you are guaranteed to consistently be left on your toes and never feel boredom taking over.


Explore Your Creativity

While numerous jobs seem to demote creativity and rather encourage employees to stick to the norm, event planners are fortunate enough to be allowed the opportunity to exercise unique thinking in their work. As an event planner, you are invited to bring your creative vision to life, and nothing is more rewarding than seeing a thought transform into a reality.


Bringing People’s Visions to life

Along with the notion of bringing your visions to life, you are also able to bring your clients’ visions to life, essentially fulfilling their wishes. After a long planning process with obstacles that arose along the way, seeing a client’s content face as they step into the event, reinforces all of your hard work and time.

Problem Solving is an Event Planner’s Forte

With each event that you plan, a new challenge and problem to solve accompanies. Whether it be a restrictive budget or a major time crunch, there is almost always a hiccup that needs to be addressed and worked around. If you are new to the event planning world, these challenges may initially appear intimidating and stressful, but as you gain more experience and skill in the industry, the challenges will then be perceived as a puzzle that needs solving.

Event Planners in NYC Are All About Interaction

Working in a cubicle from 9 to 5 each day can get lonely, especially due to a major lack of human interaction. Lucky for you, event planning is a client-based field, meaning you are always working with someone and socializing. You get to meet new people daily, and not solely clients but also caterers, venue owners, entertainers, florists and so many more. Throughout the process of planning you then make lasting connections and relationships.


The events industry is a fast-paced, high-energy field to work in, which encourages passion and creativity among professionals. Eventprofs benefit from the unique ways of the business, for example the presence of variety, in the sense that every day is different from the next. Each client they encounter is particular and has original ideas for his or her event.

Thus, planners are presented with the exclusive opportunity to bring both their clients’ dreams, and their visions to life. With an occupation that allows you to exercise your creative imagination, interact with others, fulfill people’s wishes and problem solve, what more could you ask for?

For more information on becoming an event planner or starting an event production company, be sure to follow the entrepreneurship section of our blog and stay up to date with event trends.


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