A Common Courtesy: 7 Reasons Why Using Nametags At An Event Expo Is Important

September 9, 2019 Jessica Stewart

big event expo like the annual Event Planner Expo sees upwards of 150 vendors ranging from JP Morgan to Google to Hershey Resorts, not to mention food vendors and attendees.

Plus, there are industry experts. Last year they had 18, including Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran and design and hospitality expert Colin Cowie.

See how we threw those names and professions in there? Helpful, right?

There are so many people to keep track of and opportunities to be had, and when you make that connection, you want people to know who you are. Enter the nametags.

Yes, nametags are your friend and wingman or wingwoman when you're looking to build those important connections.

But why, you ask? Are they really that important?

Yes, they are that important both for common courtesy and to make your experience more successful.

Let's take a look at seven reasons why, and then you can get started making your own.

1. Easy Introduction for Networking

The main reason people go to business expos is to network. You get to connect with people you might not meet otherwise and create a relationship that can benefit you and the other person.

A nametag is a friendly introduction and can be a conversation starter. You look at each other's nametags. You point to theirs. You read. You point to yours. Introduce yourself. Shake hands. And you're off.

2. No More Awkward Name Forgetting

How many times have you been introduced to someone and two seconds later the person's name has flown out of your head? Well, other people have that too. But if you have a nametag on, they can just look at it and remember.

So easy. And you both can laugh about how bad you are at names! Now you have common ground and easy chit chat.

3. Helps People Remember You

A visual image of your written name helps people remember it according to NeuroNation. And you want people to remember your name and what you do. 

If you have a good connection, they'll probably remember your face and the conversation anyway, but you meet so many people and it's just easier. Think about how nice it is if you can remember someone's name when they reach out to you later.

4. Helps You Brand Yourself and Your Business

Put your logo on your nametag if possible and bring professionalism and your brand to everyone you meet. When they see your logo elsewhere, you start to build trust and recognition for yourself and your brand.

5. Save Time on Introductions

Expos are crammed full of people and things to do. You're moving fast. And there's no need to spend a lot of time explaining who you are and what you do. People get it right of your name badge.

6. Common Courtesy for People That Forget Names

You met that person at the last expo. You see them again this year. You really want to talk to them or see them approaching. What the heck is their name?

Other people go through this too. They're meeting hundreds of people. They can't remember your name, but they remember you.

Ah, nice, you have a nametag. You just made that person feel so comfortable. And you look so professional.

7. Shows Professionalism

Professionals wear nametags to make networking and communicating as easy and efficient as possible. They have their logo on their nametag. It looks good.

You do too because you're a professional. People want to work with professionals that put themselves forward in a good way.

Nametags for You

Now that you can see why nametags are so important, be sure to get yours made ahead of time so you're ready for your next expo. Reap the benefits!

Alsocheck out the networking opportunities at this year's Event Planner Expo so you can take full advantage of all those polite introductions your nametag will give you.


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