5 Impactful Floral Display Ideas for New York Event Planners

March 24, 2018 Susan Douglin

All New York Event Planners have seen the pretty event floral displays off to the side of the venue.

But, do they really make an impact and stand out?

They often afford a glance from attendees who may (or may not) admire them before moving swiftly on but flower costs can make a severe dent in event budgets. We know it doesn’t have to be that way though and we want to look at how you can get the most from your florals by turning displays into multipurpose event elements.

Here are 5 of the best floral displays for New York Event Planners to make the most impact by having different purposes or possibilities tied to them so you know they are really worth it.

It’s time to really appreciate the power of flowers in your events!

Floral Displays That New York Event Planners Should Use in 2018

Inverted Table Centerpieces

New York Event Planners often complain about the lack of space on their tables. Here’s a creative way to display your floral pieces as an aerial design that hangs just above the table so that it is still immersive but tucked out of the way. These are a cool example of how you can incorporate modern geometric shapes with natural floral arrangements without costing too much.

Tall Centerpieces

Of course, tall centerpieces have to go on the list, after all, it’s an excellent display piece and if it works, it works. New York Event Planners find that big centerpieces make a huge impact and incorporating the florals ticks all the boxes like in this example. The cool feature of these is that they wrap around the stalk to look like it blooms right from the table.

Circle Centers

Circle tables are excellent for networking which is why they are perfect for corporate seated events and normally florals and centerpieces can get in the way of this. Cut out tables can be an interesting trend but leaves something to be desired when it comes to decoration. This floral ring gives the best of both worlds.

Rainforest Vibes

New York Event Planners can use plants and florals to change the mood or vibe of your entire venue if positioned strategically. This rainforest themed venue uses plants as screens around the edges creating an intimate atmosphere and making it more immersive. Plus, matching centerpieces add a splash of color and tie it all together nicely.

Looming Grass

Opt for something less obvious and make use of long twigs or grasses and keep the blooms to a minimum. A display such as this looks cool because of the two tiers that look like a waterfall of foliage. The rigid twigs add height and act as a backdrop to weave the orchids into while the softer grasses at the bottom fill the gaps.

In Conclusion

It’s time for New York Event Planners to step away from the traditional concept of flowers and start introducing plants and floral décor as ways to enhance the event experience. From accentuating and adapting venues to providing their own sponsorship and branding opportunities, floral displays have a lot to offer for event planners to tap into.





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