New York Event Planners Are Designing More Engaging Event Experiences

June 7, 2018 Susan Serena

If there is anything New York Event Planners have learned in the past years, it’s that designing event experiences will help engage attendees and creates a more memorable experience.  The first thing on your planning plate is thinking about how you can design an event experience that will help attendees engage not only with one another, but also with the sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors in a more efficient way. These days, event tech has played a major role in helping New York Event Planners create engaging event experiences that will entice attendees to return year after year.

In this post, we will review what New York Event Planners should keep in mind when deciding how to create engaging event experiences.

Virtual Venues

New York Event Planners may be used to investing a large share of their event budget on the venue, food and beverages, speakers, accommodations, and other various logistics. Yet, if you were to host a trade show or conference using virtual venues, a lot of those costs would be eradicated.

To produce a truly virtual event, New York Event Planners would have to design a computerized event space, known as a virtual venue. By doing so you may increase the number of people who attend, and as event tech continues to grow, the costs will be even less over time.

Virtual Attendance

Due to the advancement in telepresence tools, New York Event Planners can make it more seamless for people to attend events remotely. A company called Double Robotics designed a remote-control robot armed with an iPad, to make it simpler for attendees to engage with other event goers virtually.

New York Event Planners can effortlessly make these robots accessible to their VIP guests who are unable to attend the event because it conflicts with their schedule. Now, an executive in New York can join an affair in Australia without having to endure long flight times and tiresome time-zone differences.

On the flip side, New York Event Planners will have the opportunity to engage with an attendee who will probably improve the experience for everybody involved.

Augmented Experiences

Augmented reality can provide attendees with the ability to get turn-by-turn event directions and confirm who they’re speaking to by using a headset that is armed with facial recognition software. Attendees would just have to use an AR headset, contact lenses, or glasses that are paired with supporting event planning software. This is an excellent way for New York Event Planners to get their attendees to connect on a deeper level using event tech.

Experience Products and Spaces

You usually need an ample venue space when launching a product or host a trade show for a specific market of products. For example, the car show at the Javitz Center needs the square footage in order to accommodate all of the cars on display.  Utilizing augmented reality will eliminate the need for giant venues to introduce product lines. Corporations like Volvo are already developing technology that will deliver engagement through headsets for their potential customers.

This will surely change the game for exhibitors!

Mainstage Presentations

In the Spring of 2016, Google I/O he a two-hour keynote where Sundar Pichai, CEO, and his staff exhibited their company’s latest trends. They facilitated a live stream of the opening address on the Google I/O YouTube channel and their website.

In this video, the event planners over at Google made it easy for everyone to turn into their live stream using 360° video. Remote watchers were able to feel close to the action more than ever before!


Augmented and virtual reality are presenting great new opportunities for New York Event Planners to create truly innovative experiences that seize the hearts and minds of attendees. Nowadays, people are enthusiastic about these new experiences and are excited to try them. Knowing that, start implementing them in your upcoming corporate events.

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