Custom Trade Show Booth Ideas For The Year Of 2022

April 8, 2022 Jessica Stewart

The trade show industry is expected to be valued at $18.5 billion dollars by 2023. The US hosts around 13,000 shows per year. With so many available options for marketing, having a trade show design that stands out is important. 

Attracting and maintaining traffic at your booth is a key component of a trade show. Having a great design means nothing if others aren't attracted to it. So, how do you create a really great booth? 

Keep reading to learn how to create a custom trade show booth and discover key tips on how to get more traffic. 

Choose a Custom Trade Booth Design Company 

If you want a great trade show booth design, you should partner with a design company. When you work with a company, you have experts set up your booth. With years of expertise, design companies know exactly what attracts the biggest amount of visitors. 

Design companies have insider knowledge of emerging trends, meaning your booth will be next level. A design company is especially beneficial for businesses that have never attended a trade show. You should research companies and choose the one that most aligns with your trade show goals. 

You should consider the company's years of experience, prices, customer service, and services when making the decision. 

Pick a Template or Theme 

Once you choose a company, you should work with them to pick out a template or theme. There are a variety of options, ranging from flat displays to full marketing expos. What you choose should align with your brand image and marketing goals. 

This is where partnering with a design company will be beneficial!

Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your Booth 

There are a lot of different tactics on how to drive traffic to your booth. The more creative you are, the more attention you will attract. 

To attract more visitors, you could host a giveaway. This could be simple, like handing out items to everyone. Or you could make it more complex and make it into a game. 

Another way to gain visitors is to have a celebrity or influencer present. Everyone will want to meet them and take pictures, leaving plenty of time for you to discuss your products or services while they wait in line! 

Having a fun and interactive presentation is a fun way to engage with your visitors. The commotion will increase traffic and the entertainment will keep them at your booth. 

You could also offer a small snack and water. Trade shows can quickly get exhausting, so having a sort of pitstop for visitors will mean a lot. And word will spread quickly, increasing your traffic!  

More Custom Trade Show Booth Ideas 

Now that you know how to create a custom trade show booth, you should be ready to get started! With our tips, you'll have top traffic at your next event. 

Are you interested in finding out more trade show ideas and tips? Click here to learn more about our 2022 Expo. 


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