5 Creative Virtual Events for Teams and Companies

June 20, 2022 Susan Serena

The days of in-person business meetings are back and virtual events will not die out anytime soon. In fact, hybrid events and conferences are “the thing” for event professionals these days.

Don’t just think of virtual events as we did when we were all locked indoors a couple of years ago attending Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting.

Event Planners are creative, and it is a part of their craft to come up with events that the average Joe or Jane wouldn’t. They know how to add spice in our virtual lives!

Instead of relying on boring video conferences and ho-hum happy hours, here are 5 creative virtual team events for event professionals to try out:

Virtual Guided escape rooms

Escape rooms are a fun way to build teamwork and confidence in your team, which means they're a great team building exercise. They also make for an excellent ice breaker since you'll likely get to know someone on your team better than you would have otherwise.

It's also not just about getting out of the office—it's about learning through play, which is why I love escape rooms so much. They're like an educational game where everyone wins!

There are a variety of companies who have come up with live virtual escape games for large groups that event professionals may want to look into when planning a virtual event for companies.

Virtual murder mysteries

With a virtual murder mystery, you can create a game that’s more than just a simple scavenger hunt. It will also be an engaging and entertaining experience for your team. A virtual murder mystery is where the team or company is invited to gather together and play out some sort of fictional storyline.

The key difference between this style of event and other types of corporate events is that it allows participants to interact with each other in real time. This means that unlike many other types of corporate entertainment, you don’t have to be present at all times during the event – instead, you can relax at home or work while your colleagues take part!

Virtual Baking challenges

It's a great way to get your team together, learn new recipes and experience the joy of baking together. You can also use this event as an opportunity for your team to share tips and tricks for future bakers in the group.

It's a fun way for event professionals to get teams communicating because you'll be talking about ingredients and techniques while working together on something everyone is passionate about: food!

Prior to the event you would send an email series to excite participants and amongst those emails, you will provide them with a list of ingredients to have handy. Don’t tell them which ingredients they’re going to need! Just let them know what they should have handy. From that list, you’re only going to choose a few ingredients for them to use to come up with something creative. Just like the show Chopped on Food Network!

Have everyone keep their cameras rolling as you say “ready, set, go,” and watch how they all work quickly to come up with their best creation before the timer stops!

Then have your pre-selected judges critique each person’s process and dish before the winner is announced. This is an awesome exercise for event professionals to test what working under pressure looks like for individuals and the magic they can create within a limited time bracket.

Virtual cooking classes

Yes, more food! A virtual cooking class is a fun way to learn new recipes and techniques. Most people are constantly looking for more variety in their diet, and this is a great way to learn how to make something new—whether it's a simple vegetable dish or an elaborate meal.

You can collaborate with local vendors (caterers or restaurants) to join in on this virtual event type so they can help participants master a specific ingredient or skill. This is a great way to collaborate and build relationships with vendors and clients alike.

Virtual Game shows and talent contests

Virtual game shows and talent contests are an excellent way to bring your team together. They can be used to learn about the people on your team and their individual talents, as well as spurring a sense of competition that brings out the best in everyone.

Game shows will help you learn how creative and innovative your employees are, by giving them questions or tasks that test their knowledge and skills. Game show-style initiatives can also be used to build team spirit by creating a sense of competition between departments or teams within your organization.


Too often we forget that business is also a social event, and the tools we have available to us these days make it easy to bring the social aspects of business online. So why not try something new? It’s time to mix things up!

For event professionals who are in charge of planning events for teams and companies, consider attending The Event Planner Expo 2022 and learn more about creative in-person and virtual events.



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