How To Create The Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

July 1, 2022 Jessica Stewart

When it comes to showcasing your brand, it is extremely important to utilize email marketing. Email marketing consists of campaigns sent out to a mass audience to promote your brand or generate sales. There are several great platforms that can help you with your email marketing campaigns including Gmass and Mail Chimp. With that said, email marketing is a skill that needs to be learned. Here are some great tips to help you with your next email marketing campaign. 


When it comes to the content of your emails, it is essential to make it seem as personalized as possible. One way is to segment your email lists and send emails based on certain criterias such as locations and careers. Also segment your list based on new leads or current clients. With email marketing software, you can input codes that will automatically put in the first and last name of the recipient in the subject line and body of the email. 

Create Compelling Subject Lines

Your subject lines should be eye-catching and should also provide value. At the same time, it is good practice to incorporate the recipient’s name in the subject line to make it seem more personal. Try to steer away from using all capitalization in your subject line. You don’t want your subject lines to seem generic or as if they were written by a robot. Keep them relevant, short, and engaging. 

Split Testing

Like mostly everything in marketing, split testing comes in handy when determining what works and what doesing. Split testing is a great way to see the click through rates and open rates of your email. You can track your analytics through your email marketing software. Try sending one email to 50% of your list, and a slightly different email to the other 50%. Track what one works better and go off of that. You can alter the subject lines and text slightly with each email campaign that you are testing. 

Include Call To Actions

Without a call to action, your recipients will have no idea where to view your business or buy your products. A call to action is a link that directs your recipients to your websites. Always make sure that you have at least one at the bottom of your email, but feel free to post them throughout the text. Your call to actions should be clearly stated and they should also showcase the value by clicking. 

Know Your Audience

It is important that you have a clear understanding of your business and who would greatly benefit from your products. Put in the work to create viable leads who would most likely click your call to actions. Put yourself in their shoes and determine what products and/or information would add value to their life. Speak to them, and always keep it personal. By choosing the right audience, you are far more likely to get new subscribers and make more sales.

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