5 Tips to Improve Newsletter Subscriptions Today

October 20, 2022 Desiree Homer

Newsletters are an effective way for event planners to reach potential clients, industry colleagues, and potential event attendees. But they won’t work well if you don’t first get subscribers. If you’re looking to boost your newsletter reach and engagement, consider these tips for improving newsletter subscriptions!

1. Where’s Your Sign-up Form?

If you’re concerned about newsletter subscriptions, start by reviewing where you have your forms placed. Move your “sign up here” text box around to different parts of your website to A/B test for best results. Here are a few recommendations regarding the placement of your newsletter sign-up forms:

  • In the footer
  • Top of a sidebar
  • Above the fold header
  • After a blog post
  • Within a pop-up box 

Some marketers suggest posting more than one sign-up option throughout your website. Just be mindful that you’re not coming off as too spammy to site visitors.

2. Incentivize Newsletter Subscribers

Consider juicing up the deal with incentives to spark interest in becoming a subscriber. Maybe an event discount or offer something for free, based on partnerships or exclusives you enjoy. Generate an offer people can’t refuse, and watch your newsletter lists grow!

3. Give Freebies or Sneak Peeks

Build anticipation and enthusiasm for your newsletter by sharing sneak peeks at content or goodies. Share a perk or two and give readers a taste of what they’re missing. Offer one or two free issues if you need to, just to share how great your newsletter is.

4. Promote Subscriber-Only Perks

Don’t just sell the newsletter, but offer and share the subscriber-only perks and benefits. Maybe subscribers get free downloadable event checklists or the latest trends in corporate event themes. Make sure your subscribers do get something a little extra that no one else in your target audience gets. And then promote those perks as a way to inspire more newsletter subscribers.

5. Promote Your Newsletter Everywhere

If you’re not promoting and offering sign-up opportunities for your newsletter on other channels, you’re missing out on a broader audience engagement. Ask your social media audiences and groups to sign up for your weekly or monthly newsletter. Include invitations with every blog you post on your event planning website. And you can even include a short blurb and sign-up link within your email signature, essentially inviting everyone you email to enjoy your newsletter.

Consider tapping into these tips to improve your newsletter subscriptions and start reaching more people! And to really boost your marketing efforts, you can always find insights with our ongoing blog series. Get on the waitlist, too, for next year’s Event Planner Expo!

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