How to Draft the Most Compelling Event Listing

September 24, 2022 Mario Stewart

New York event planners can be masters at organizing and planning events and conferences. You know the value of creating a memorable experience and building a robust community of repeat ticket buyers. But how effective are you at crafting event listings?

When you’re charged with describing an event’s theme or purpose, are you doing so in a way to drive more engagement? Or are you just whipping something together in the form of content or invites, hoping it gains traction? Here are some tips and valuable insights to improve how you create your event listings for the best results.

Basic Ingredients of a Great Event Listing

Let’s start with the pillars of a great event listing. When writing yours, make sure each of these elements is included.

  • Engaging Title
  • Event Dates
  • Event Venue(s) with Links
  • Organizer or Host Information
  • Tickets & Registration Steps
  • Thoughtful Description 

What Guests Want to Learn from an Event Listing

When you’re putting together the event details for listing and sharing with potential guests, you’ll want to keep their expectations in mind. Make sure your event listing checks all the boxes and delivers exactly what they want. A great way to ensure your descriptions do just that is by considering what event-goer questions might be asked the most. And then develop your content in a way that answers those questions. Your description should include:

  • An Agenda Outline
  • Speakers & Entertainment
  • Accommodations
  • Age Requirements
  • Venue Policies or Instructions
  • Refund Policies 

Raising the Bar with Your Event Listing

Once you’re confident your event listing is well-developed and includes all the basics, you can look to explore other methods for improvement. Get creative and infuse catchy titles and descriptive terms. Be concise and not over-flowery or too salesy. Keep the content conversational and read it aloud to avoid confusion or clunky sentence structure.

Don’t forget to incorporate images and video wherever possible. Make sure you’re properly displaying brand details and sponsor badges. Provide links that add value, including those that provide additional information about parking, services, and payment portals. Consider these tips for added value improvement.

  • Conduct Research to Know Your Target Audience
  • Deadlines Are Great Incentives
  • Maintain Style, Tone & Voice Consistency
  • Headings Are First Impressions – Make Them Sizzle!

If you’re not sure just how effective your event listings are, consider these insights and explore how you can improve them. And for other event planner ideas, make sure you attend The Event Planner Expo 2022, where thousands of event professionals and industry influencers will be in attendance, ready to share their knowledge and expertise. Get your tickets now!

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