How to Make a Splash on Instagram with All Your Events

January 9, 2023 Mario Stewart

Today’s New York event planners rely heavily on social media to build anticipation for their events, boost attendance, and gain brand exposure. But with so much information and videos in the busy feeds, how can you be sure you’re getting the same results in 2023 that you once did before? If you’re looking for an Instagram leg up, keep reading. Make a splash with your Instagram and improve the effectiveness of your event marketing strategies.

Get Creative with Hashtags

Start with a brilliant hashtag strategy. Too many, and it’ll be cluttered. Too few, and you won’t make a dent. Instead, create a brief series of hashtags, some popular and some unique. And don’t be afraid to get witty with one or two. Be sure to include the official hashtag of your New York event, too. Encourage people to share your hashtags when attending or discussing the event.

Avoid Pics for the Sake of Pics

Pics and videos are essential for event marketing success on Instagram. But you’ll get swallowed up in the masses if you’re just posting pics for the sake of posting them. Instead, be creative and precise about the purpose and make sure they’re eye-catching for scrolling Instagrammers. Show off your event themes. Give sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes tours. Set an expectation for attending guests that gets them excited.

Roll Out Smaller, Tiered Announcements

It may seem easier to simply create a few posts about your upcoming event, conference, or trade show and call it a day. But if you want to build excitement and anticipation, try trickling out information as bold announcements leading up to your event. Create a “coming soon” or “mark your calendars” post first. Then roll out another post about the stunning venue, another separate announcement about guest speakers, and even others with VIP or special access opportunities. 

Get Creative with Incentives

You can always draw an online Instagram crowd to your New York event when you dangle a few carrots. Get creative with your incentives. Create drawings, discounts, giveaways, or contests that align with your event. Encourage online participation in spreading the word and be transparent about rules and winning. Don’t forget to include a contest-related hashtag, too!

Bonus Event Marketing Insights

To really make a splash with your Instagram, keep these insights in mind. Timing matters, and there are opportunities to boost event profiles and engagement before, during, and after the event.

  • Make sure you have an RSVP link.
  • Don’t over-post and overshadow your own content.
  • Instagram stories make great event timelines.
  • Invite guests to share their experiences during the event.
  • Include event closing statements and gratitude posts.
  • Ask for event feedback.
  • Like and share others’ posts every time.

If your event planning marketing plan needs an Instagram boost, keep these strategies in mind. You can make an even bigger splash with your event messaging, improving the event turnout itself and your brand awareness and image, too! 

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