How to Overcome Objections During Your Event Planning Presentation

November 23, 2022 Desiree Homer

Let’s talk about sales. As a New York event planner, your success depends on your ability to close more deals, connect with new client prospects, and ultimately overcome objections. Event clients of all niches, from corporate brand executives to individuals and families planning social events, will present certain concerns about working with an event professional. And how prepared you are to meet and overcome those concerns will ultimately determine whether or not you close the deal. Today, we’ll share some of the common objections event planners hear, along with incredible rebuttals and techniques to help you land more clients.

Active Listening Will Tell You What the Objections Are

Every conversation or exchange of emails provides you an opportunity to spot objections before your prospect has a chance to even bring it up officially. Practice active listening, where you hear every word and read every non-verbal cue. Objections are coming if there is hesitation or mention of budget. Crossed arms or lack of eye contact could indicate a lack of trust. Read your prospect with every engagement and when it comes time for the official sales meeting, be prepared to address every objection you believe they’ll have.

Validate the Concerns First

Demonstrate to your prospect that you’ve actually heard their concerns by validating and restating those objections. If they’re worried about pricing for your services, for example, reiterate that it’s common for clients to question ROI. Then follow up by highlighting all the value you’re bringing to the engagement, and throw in added value and incentives to seal the deal.

Asking the Right Questions

If you’re not reading any upcoming objections, and even if the client engagement feels like a win, don’t presume there won’t be an issue. Before heading into the official presentation meeting, prepare a series of client questions you can ask to ensure you’re addressing every potential objection. Here are key points to consider as you prepare your probing questions:

  • Are you speaking to the right decision-maker?
  • Do you anticipate any objections about the budget?
  • Do you anticipate any challenges from competing event planners?
  • Is this the first time your client has considered working with an event planner?

Be Ready with Metrics, Data, and Proof

One of the best ways to overcome sales objections is with data. So, come to the table prepared with social proof, metrics from past events, testimonials, and data that supports and reinforces your abilities as an event planner. You won’t likely need to share all the details, but not having them could cost you a sale. Be enthusiastic about your ability to solve all the event planning challenges and then show prospects your proven track record for doing just that.

Start closing more event planning clients by improving your strategy for overcoming objections. Keep these tips in mind before heading into the event planning presentation, and position yourself as the best solution. 

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