Maximizing Your Event's Social Media Advertising Effectiveness

April 25, 2019 Mario Stewart

Approximately 79% of Americans use social media networks. That's why social media is an event planner's go-to medium for event advertising.

When it comes to social media marketing, work smarter, not harder. Using the right tools, you can boost your social media advertising effectiveness and create a successful event.

How to Maximize Social Media Advertising Effectiveness

To get the most out of social media, you must use it right. We've outlined four major components of social media marketing to promote ROI and boost your event's attendance.

Tailor Your Message for Your Audience

Digital marketing allows you to target specific demographics. With social media, you can reach your target customers with specific messages that appeal directly to them.

Don't blast your information out blindly. That only wastes time and money.

First, conduct market research to determine the best social media platforms to reach your target audience. You don't need to implement a social media strategy on all platforms, only the relevant ones for your target customers.

Next, create posts that appeal to your target market's interests. Incorporate relevant memes, quotes, videos, and photos to capture their attention. You may even want to reach out to social media influencers to promote your event.

Use Paid and Unpaid Metrics

Social media advertising doesn't have to be expensive. Use a careful mix of unpaid and paid promotions to drum up excitement about your event.

Paid advertising should start heavy and decrease as your event picks up traction. Social media advertising data allows you to target your audience and increase views, clicks, and engagement.

Use paid content to attract event attendees. Then use unpaid, or organic, social media posts to keep up social interaction. Take polls and create countdowns to keep users intrigued until the day of your event comes.

Social media's algorithms focus on quality, not quantity. To effectively advertise, create interesting content your audience wants to see. The more engagement your posts receive, the more people you'll reach for free.

Establish a Hashtag

To share your efforts, create a relevant hashtag. Hashtags increase the awareness and visibility of your event. 

Your attendees are more likely to post and share your event on their own social media accounts if you have an awesome hashtag. This means free exposure for your brand.

The perfect hashtag is short, memorable, and unique.

Don't use popular hashtags that conflict with your event. Your hashtag should be unique to your brand and specific to your event.

Keep your hashtags short to comply with Twitter's 280 character limit. The shorter the hashtag, the more likely people will use it.

Base your hashtag on something related to your event. Use abbreviations if they fit. Use rhymes or alliteration to make your hashtag more memorable.

Promote your hashtag leading up to and during your event so guests remember to use it.

Evaluate Your Efforts

Measure your social media effectiveness through data and analytics. All paid social media efforts provide reporting metrics. This allows you to determine which platforms were most successful and promote your ROI.

Plan the Perfect Event

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