Still Not Blogging Yet? 4 Events Industry Topics to Inspire Your Content

February 21, 2023 Mario Stewart

As an event planner, you know the value of blogging as part of your marketing strategy. But with so many hats to wear and irons in the fire, it’s not always easy to come up with brilliant ideas for content. And it’s even harder to sit down and write something when you don’t have content strategies. If you’re still not blogging for your event business yet, keep reading. Get inspired by these content marketing strategy ideas and start engaging with your target audience in a big way.

1. Solving Problems for Your Dream Clients

Most of the blogging, marketing, and SEO experts will tell you the best content is problem-solving content. From blogs to social media messaging, create a content strategy that routinely addresses your dream clients’ pain points in event planning. For example, your ideal clients might feel overwhelmed with event planning details. They might be on a tight budget. Or, they might be struggling with certain aspects of planning their special occasions. Be the problem-solver and use your content to serve as THE place to go for help. Naturally, your audience will see you’re in the best position to be their event-planning partner.

2. Offering Valuable Tips Your Audience Can Use

When you’re running short of blogging topics, consider creating a few helpful lists of tips you’d normally offer your event clients. Then weave a blog post around that list and use the “listicle” format to offer valuable insights for your online audience. You can teach your audience to come back often for quick tips and real-life event-planning assistance. And when they really need an event planning service, they’ll start by calling you, knowing you’ve demonstrated your expertise with your content ongoing.

3. Showing Off Your Genius Event Planning Talents

For any remaining gaps in your marketing strategy, create content that showcases your events! You have brilliant ideas and loyal clients. Tap into those past experiences and share how you successfully executed your niche events. You’re in the experience business. And you can never go wrong showing off a little about just how great you are at creating them.

4. Answering Frequently Asked Event Questions

Another great line of content worth writing about in your event planning blog and sharing among your channels are FAQs. You will never run short of topics to explore when you approach your messaging through the lens of answering some of those common inquiries. Your existing clients ask questions. Your colleagues ask questions. Your potential sponsors and supporters ask questions. Position yourself as the leader and authority in your event niche by always blogging about answers to those questions.

If you’re still not blogging with your event business, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to position yourself and your brand as a leader in your event niche. Get inspired by these topics and content ideas, and start tapping into the power of an engaging blog!

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