Top 7 Marketing Podcasts for Incredible Inspiration & Business Growth

January 30, 2024 Mario Stewart

Running an event planning business in NYC can be tough, especially when it comes to marketing. There’s so much to keep up with, networking opportunities to capitalize on, and more. Event planners need inspiration as business owners just as much as the next C-suite finance executive, especially concerning marketing strategies.

Keep reading to gather some new podcasts to add to your listening list. Find some inspiration related to marketing, the latest trends affecting the event planning market, and some real stories from other event planners. If you’re looking for more event-planner-specific podcasts, check out this post. In the meantime, get ready to scale your business and crush some numbers.

1. Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield is your host for the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast and is a great resource for those who are running an event planning business with a significant online presence. 

Episode lengths range from fifteen minutes to an hour to help turn “inspiration into action.” Sales conversions, email list management, and even navigating employer and employee relationships are all on the table. 

2. Better Events

The Better Events podcast is hosted by Logan Clements and Mary Davidson, who are both event planners and event strategists themselves. 

These two have plenty of episodes that interview industry professionals who are creating inspiring and innovative events themselves and give tips and tricks to growing your event planning business and marketing your services successfully.

3. Event Industry News Podcast

The Event Industry News Podcast hosts weekly interviews with event planning industry guests. They discuss event management topics, data analytics, how-to's, and career path tips. 

There are some great episodes covering some niche areas as well, like tech events, brand relaunches, and event scaling.

4. Exit Five

Dave Gerhardt is a former startup CMO who hosts the Exit Five podcast geared toward B2B marketing advice. In the event planner world, we’ll often have times when we’re dealing with corporations rather than individuals. Some topics discussed include creating marketing content, driving organic revenue with web tools, and even some SEO insider tips.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is hosted by Michael Stelzner and deep-dives into the social media side of marketing. Weekly new episodes keep content interesting, and there are plenty of how-to episodes to peruse at your leisure. 

This lively podcast covers a range of topics from Instagram Reels to LinkedIn, all with the goal of catapulting business growth through small, intentional changes to your online marketing strategy plan.

6. Market Your Genius

This podcast is hosted by Nikki Nash, and her topics run an inclusive gamut from career growth tips to sales strategies for services. She consistently hosts guests on her podcast and has a wonderful habit of developing in-depth questions and then expanding on guests’ answers. 

This gives these episodes a depth that many listeners appreciate and enjoy. She even has a published book for purchase.

7. Marketing School

Marketing School is a marketing-must-listen podcast hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu and cuts to the chase of digital and online marketing strategies. Limited fluff, short and sweet episodes, and actionable marketing tips are their Modus Operandi. These are perfect for inspiring quick brainstorming sessions on a quick commute.

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