How to Prepare for New York City Conferences for Event Planners

February 10, 2023 Erica Maurer

Organizing a successful conference is a huge undertaking. Especially in New York City, you need to create an event that will stand out. There will be moments of stress, but in the end, you can create something amazing!

But how do you go about organizing something so big? You might feel overwhelmed with things to do. This article is here to help you lay out the key elements of organizing New York City conferences.

We cover themes, business plans, and budgeting. We will also look at how you can find a venue and plan your catering. So let's have a look at each section in more detail.

Pick a Conference Theme

One of the first decisions that you have to make about your conference is the theme. The theme will influence what your guests will take away from the event. So make sure that it is punchy and relevant to your target audience.

The theme will dictate many of your decisions about the event. This includes event marketing, guest speakers, and what to budget for.

Make a Business Plan and Budget

Making a business plan is a key part of a successful conference. If you miss this stage of planning, you could miss something or overspend. It is also important if you need to pitch your event to a committee.

Your business plan should at least cover these areas:

  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Team Members and Volunteers
  • Activities
  • Speakers and Vendors
  • Accommodation
  • Transport

Having all these laid out will help you plan a budget. When you have some clear figures about how much things can cost, you can contact sponsors and/or grants.

Make sure you factor advertising and promotion into your business plan. This will cover a strategy for recruiting guests and the different ways you can reach them. This could be through social media, traditional advertising, or your website.

Venue Preparation

Finding the perfect venue can be difficult in New York City. You need to find somewhere that has the right capacity with versatile floor space. You will also need to consider the location, transportation, and available amenities.

If you are looking to have catering at the event, make sure to check what facilities they have available. If you need to organize external catering, then make sure you book lots of time in advance. You should try to cover different dietary requirements if possible.

Guest Speakers

One of your jobs as an event planner is to find compelling and relevant guest speakers. Whether you are having keynote speakers or as part of a panel, try to find people who will inspire your guests. This also applies to event trade shows, as you want high-quality vendors at your event.

Having a strong lineup of guest speakers and vendors will attract more people to your show. You can use this when marketing and pitching your event to sponsors. Again, people can get booked up fast in New York City, so plan this well in advance.

Master New York City Conferences

Now that you've read this guide, you can be confident in organizing New York City conferences. There are lots of elements, from budgeting to business plans. So make sure you get organized to keep everything on track.

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