7 Reasons Event Planners in NYC Attend the Event Planner Expo

February 23, 2020 Susan Serena

Event Planners in NYC find that trade shows serve as the perfect opportunity to benefit their career and brand in a multitude of ways. From the networking options, to the learning component, to the overall fun aspect, companies should be jumping at the chance to attend a trade show.

Think of it this way, by spending just a couple of hours at a trade show, you could then be making business connections that last a lifetime. It’s a no brainer really, but if you still are in need of some more convincing, continue reading my top reasons as to why your company should attend a trade show.

Gain exposure to upcoming trends, new products and services, and the latest technology

In order for Event Planners in NYC to stay at the top of their game and remain relevant, it is essential that you are not only aware of the latest trends but are also highlighting those trends in your work. For example, if you work as an event photographer, but fail to incorporate services like virtual realities or GIFS, your competitors who do offer those services have an advantage when acquiring business, and they may appear more appealing to clients.

Network and attract businesses that you can partner with

Trade shows are responsible for gathering hundreds to thousands of Event Planners in NYC from all fields and placing them under one sole roof. As a result, you have immediate access to everything from florists, to venues, to caterers, to entertainers, to photographers, making it the ideal time to form connections with individuals from different fields. Perhaps you work as a caterer and bond with a venue owner at a trade show, you then decide to partner up and offer a deal to clients who choose to use that venue and your catering services.

Learn what your competition is up to

Not only do Event Planners in NYC have access to industry professionals in other fields, but they also have access to other professionals in their field, meaning their competition. It is necessary to be aware of what your competitor's company is currently doing, so you can update your company accordingly, in order to stay in the running when clients are determining whom to hire. Instead of having to go to extreme lengths to find out what your competitors are up to, simply attend a tradeshow where those competitors will be placed at booths nearby. It’s like the ultimate spying opportunity that requires minimal effort!

Find potential customers

While the obvious attendees at these trade shows are event and hospitality industry professionals, some clients also visit expos, such as brides and grooms in search of businesses to fulfill their wedding needs. Therefore, you and your company just need to stand out amongst competitors and then the clients are yours! You could do so by fabricating a booth that sets yourself apart from others and draws clients in. If you are a catering service maybe include samples of your tastiest dishes, or if you are a bakery offer tastings of various wedding cakes. Photography services can set up green screens for client’s use, which also creates a fun activity thus making the company memorable.

Gain Knowledge and Motivation

Most trade shows either include education seminars or feature keynote speakers whom are well-versed in the event planning industry. The seminars and speakers provide ample information, tips and tricks to achieving success. Not only do these lectures provide knowledge to the audience, but they also provide motivation to the audience. Imagine having a chance to listen to the top, most lucrative and outstanding professionals within your industry. They speak of their process in achieving such success, the obstacles they faced, how they overcame them, and where they are today. This serves as such inspiration to the attendees, and ensures those attendees walk out feeling driven and passionate.

Generate new ideas and develop creative concepts

By immersing yourself in a setting full of other professionals all displaying their own concepts at their unique booths, you are sure to generate new ideas which your company can utilize for its benefit. Your entire surroundings are related to your industry and industries closely linked, therefore it’s only natural and expected that you become inspired from seeing other companies’ booths, and that inspiration leads to fresh designs and views.

Enjoy Yourself!

Trade shows influence your work life and company’s status majorly, but they also can result in some overall fun! While it does depend upon the trade show, ambiance and atmosphere, some trade shows really are flat out enjoyable. They have music playing, food being offered, drinks being poured, and people mingling. Trade shows can kind of be like one big party, and with like-minded people in the sense that they all have an interest in the field, being brought together, great conversations will surely follow.

Overall, countless benefits can arise when Event Planners in NYC attend a trade show, including exposure to new trends, networking opportunities, chances to examine your competition, arrays of customers to appeal to, learning from seminars and speakers, new ideas being generations, and fun! Trade shows serve as an ideal platform to grow your business and better your business in just a matter of hours. I highly recommend companies key an eye out for trade shows in their area for the reasons listed above and many more for that matter.

Looking to expand your event planning knowledge and connections? Learn more about the next Event Planner Expo and all the benefits of attending. 


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