Active Experiences to Pump Up a Corporate Event

February 2, 2019 Erica Maurer

Listen, we know everyone loves corporate events that include a good happy hour, but sometimes we think it’s OK to put the martini glass aside and get your body moving.

Sure…we know you can do this on the dance floor, but how about trying corporate events that are a bit more active and different—like trying your hand at a trapeze class? Or get your blood flowing at a dodgeball trampoline tournament?

Do we have your attention yet?

Take a gander at our list of active experiences below to move your corporate events out of the bar:

Sky Zone New Rochelle

Take it back to those elementary school days and be engrossed in some sociable competition during a heart-pumping dodgeball corporate event. It’s never too late to give the high-energy game of good ole dodgeball another shot, especially when you are on trampoline courts. After you get some of that good cardio in, mix and mingle with clients over some post-battle appetizers, wine and beer.

Top Golf New Jersey

What better way to perfect your golf game than taking a swing at it with colleagues? Learn the ropes at an interactive driving range for your next corporate event. Top Golf’s all-inclusive packages include game play, drinks, food, and a dedicated staff that will ensure everything runs smoothly. This is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience for corporate events.

Culture of Fit New York City

The wellness culture trend is an excellent way to get employees face-to-face and sweating while enjoying corporate fitness and mindful meditation. Culture of Fit New York City offers great packages to help get the mind and body going with some engaging activities for corporate events. COF offers a complete program management with a proven approach and meaningful health outcomes that will unite your team. In other words, everything your company needs for success!

The Go Game New York City

Scale to the top with an adventurous scavenger hunt event that is perfect for team building corporate events. New York City is one of our utter favorite cities for an interactive scavenger hunt game with The Go Game. You can choose to run your scavenger hunt in the West Village, Times Square, Chelsea Market, or Brooklyn. The team building experts will help you put together an enthralling hunt to make sure your team has an unforgettable experience.

Trapeze School New York

Flying trapeze creates an instant development of involvement, enriches team spirit, and solidarity across partakers and spectators alike! Trapeze School offers a highly organized, exciting and challenging group of activities that creates dynamics that strengthen efficiency, cooperation, and bravery. Their expert staff will work with you to plan an enjoyable, experience-based corporate event workshop, that focuses on team building and entertainment dependent on your needs.

Change up your corporate events and book something new for your clients. Whether you were the scavenger hunt king or queen at summer camp or made it to the varsity golf team in high school, show your clients your skills and perhaps even teach them some new tricks with these active corporate event experiences.

Need more ideas on how to create an active experience for corporate events? Contact our expert NYC event planners to learn about all of the locations in our directory that offer active corporate event experiences in New York.


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