5 Insights for Seasonal Social Media Posts

October 4, 2022 Jessica Stewart

It’s often referred to as evergreen content. Posts, blogs, and content you create that don’t necessarily ask for business directly but continuously put your event planning brand at the top of mind of your audience. And with the approaching holiday season, there are a host of opportunities to boost your social media with tons of evergreen and seasonal posts that will ultimately continue to drive traffic to your services.

1. ‘Tis the Season of Charity

Get creative about posting about your acts of charity. The holiday season often becomes the season of giving. And any coat drives, gift-giving, meal delivery, or volunteering you do is worth posting on Facebook, Insta, and TikTok. And don’t just show your good deeds. Consider asking your audience what good deeds they’re up to this season, too.

2. Share Behind the Scenes Posts

If you’re looking for inspiration to post, consider creating a few “behind the scenes” videos or posts as you head into your busiest holiday party season. Fans love to see how things come together, and you can subtly promote your business as you demonstrate how busy you are this season. These types of posts are great for drumming up a few new event leads, too!

3. Demonstrate How Much Holiday Fun You’re Having

With the upcoming holiday season, people are looking for heartwarming and fun goings-on with their favorite people and brands. Get creative about producing posts and videos that show just how much fun you’re having. Maybe it’s a quick post about your favorite pumpkin spice latte on your morning trek into the office or a quick romp through the season’s first snowfall. These posts are great for sharing sparks of your business’ personality, so keep them positive, fun, and inspirational. 

4. Boost News of Others

If you have a week or two where you find yourself short on content, explore what others are doing and sharing. Consider retweeting or sharing announcements of others, including your event vendors, partners, or industry colleagues. Help spread the word about others in your network, and you’ll find they’ll be equally enthusiastic about promoting yours.

5. Get Interactive About Goals for the New Year

As we close out the year, millions of people will be thinking about resolutions and life goals for a fresh start to 2023. You can use your social media to tap into this popular trend by posting on your channels about some of your goals and asking your audience about what their goals are. Inspire threads of conversation and engagement and offer encouraging responses to those who contribute.

As you outline your content calendars for the holiday season, get inspired by some of these tips for event planning posts that engage. And don’t forget, it’s time to get on the waitlist for The Event Planner Expo 2023.

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