5 of the Best Email Marketing Platforms for 2023

January 30, 2023 Mario Stewart

New York event planners know the tremendous value in executing brilliant email marketing campaigns. It’s how you effectively land new event clients, attract attendees, and build strategic relationships among your network. But if you’re not using the right email platform, you could be working harder than you should. Today, we’ll share some of the best email marketing platforms out there based on ease of use, industry review, and results.


Even if you don’t love everything about MailChimp, it’s still one of the best platforms out there, especially if you’re just launching an email marketing strategy. Forbes gives it a 4.8 out of five stars as a “beginner-friendly email builder” with great automation and segmentation options. Additional features include help and support with landing pages, social media ads, and websites, too.

Drip for eCommerce

Event planners don’t usually operate in eCommerce spaces, but some aspects of your business might live there. And if you’ve dabbled with branching out to include eCommerce-based offerings, Drip is the best email marketing platform for the job. It provides email as well as SMS marketing and comes with Facebook “Custom Audiences” integrations.


If you’re using your email marketing channel to manage, send, and build paid subscription materials, MailerLite is an absolute boss. Great for newsletters and other subscription assets, MailerLite offers email basics, website, and landing page builders, too. 

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is another Forbes top pick as a great tool for fully integrated business suite applications. It allows you to send unlimited emails and provides tools for A/B testing, which is huge. And because of its all-in-one biz platform, it’s a great email marketing tool to grow into as your company expands.


Small and medium-sized businesses will appreciate the ease of use with GetResponse as the email marketing platform. Like the other contenders, GetResponse offers email basics and builders to help with website and landing pages. But it also taps into SMS marketing and segmentation well, too.

There are plenty of new and emerging email marketing platforms out there worth exploring, especially if you’re looking for an upgrade with specific applications or resources. But for most event planners, these five are great and deserve a look. 

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