5 Ways to Incorporate Reels into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

May 12, 2022 Erica Maurer

1. Creating a Library of Reels that Inspires

For any event planner not yet familiar with reels, they’re short, looping videos used on Instagram. The brief video continues to play on a loop until the browser scrolls away. They’re eye-catching, often hilarious, and great tools for event promotion. You’ll have your choice of 15, 30, or 60-second reels, and tapping the “+” icon of the app will walk you through recording. Once your reel is recorded, you can then use creator tools to edit and add effects. Incorporating your first few reels can establish a library from which you can promote your event planning business and any upcoming events.

Why do you need reels, you might ask? Because they work. And a recent study showed reels are getting 22% more engagement than standard videos. And big-name brands are gaining huge traction with Instagram reels, including Nike, Louis Vuitton, and the NBA. If they’re growing their social engagement, so can you.

2. Share Behind the Scenes

A lot of your value proposition as a successful event planner lies in all the planning, strategy, and organization that goes on behind the scenes. Reels are great tools for sharing some of the hard work you do to make your client events top-notch. And in a brief 30-second reel, you can demonstrate just how valuable your behind-the-scenes contributions are to your managed events.

3. Showcase Your Event Experiences

You’re in the business of coordinating incredible experiences, regardless of what kind of event you’re hired to plan. The best event planners in New York are using Insta reels to demonstrate and share those moving experiences. When others can consume content in a way that allows them to briefly experience what you have to offer, they’ll be inspired to reach out to you for your next event!

4. Reels Are Great for Promoting Special Offers

You might already have a reliable social media posting schedule for content, images, and videos. But using reels can help give those extra offers or special promotions a boost to stand out from your scheduled posts. If you’re attracting guests to a conference or corporate event, for example, use Insta reels to showcase VIP passes or early access discounts.

5. Using Instagram Reel Analytics to Gauge Engagement

Another great feature of using Instagram reels involves metrics. There are key analytics to tell you how well your reels are engaging. You can track reel likes, comments, and shares. But you can also see metrics regarding how many accounts your reel reached. You can also see how many times your reel has been played and bookmarked. This data is invaluable in telling you which reels were most popular, which were most engaging, and which didn’t get the traction you wanted. All of these points are mission-critical in how you create social content ongoing, to make sure you’re always getting the results you want.

Explore some of these ways to tap into the power of Instagram reels for your event planning business. And if you’re really committed to getting serious about stepping up your knowledge, make sure you attend The Event Planner Expo 2022 this October. All the best event planners from New York and beyond will be under one roof to share insights and inspiration that will be revolutionary for your business.

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