How Today's Event Planners Are Closing Deals at Conferences

May 3, 2022 Desiree Homer

Conferences are great resources for learning, networking, and business growth. But there are unlimited opportunities if you know how to tap into it. Landing clients and closing deals are entirely possible at conferences. Today’s event planners are quickly learning how to adapt and attend the right events that position them in front of key decision-makers. One of the best events to meet top leaders and influential voices in the events, marketing, and hospitality industries is The Event Planner Expo 2022. It’s an opportunity to meet, learn, and explore. But it’s also likely the best chance to close deals, too. Here’s how.

Preparing for the Win

Before you attend any conference, including The Event Planner Expo 2022, do your homework. Just as you would plan for a client’s event, create an agenda for yourself when attending the conference. Do homework on those who plan to attend by researching them online or throughout social media. Check to see who’s sponsoring, join the facebook and instagram pages to keep up to date. You can then prioritize those contacts you want to make and which decision-makers might be available for a conversation and the best fit for your business.

Organize Your Networking Efforts

Take notes for yourself. You’re an event planner, so you know how to stay organized. When you arrive at the conference, you can work from your compiled to-do lists of those you need to meet, introduce yourself to, and socialize with for the best results. Goals you prepare ahead of time will allow you to move through the conference with purpose, create business relationships and spend time with those you are more likely to close a deal with. 

Spend Time Visiting Exhibitors

The Event Planner Expo 2022 has a full roster of industry-leading guests and keynote speakers. It’s a 10th Anniversary Celebration, too, so plenty of learning and educational opportunities will be available. Don’t lose track of time and miss out on the sales or deal-closing meetings you could be having while visiting the exhibitors’ booths. Make connections and navigate the floor with a keen eye for spotting your target decision-makers who may have the same goals as you. 

Make the Smartest Use of Your Time and the Event Itinerary

Those event planners who are eager to close deals make smart use of their time and their event itinerary. They know that by being one of the first to arrive creates unique opportunities to greet people upon arrival and make those key one-one-one introductions. They also know to value time so instead of pitching targets during speaker series events, they approach those targets during specified networking timeframes. The best event planners also know that following up with contacts via email, with details already discussed, is the best way to secure the next step, if not close the deal altogether.

Event planners across the country will be attending The Event Planner Expo 2022 and 10th Anniversary Celebration this year. They’ll go because they want to network with leading professionals. They want to learn and grow professionally and personally. They want to experience this year’s Speaker Series and Keynote Speaker lineup in person. But many of them also want to close deals and land new clients. Get your tickets today, and don’t miss your opportunity to do all of the above!

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