10 Go to Strategies & Tactics to Build Brand Awareness

May 14, 2022 Jessica Stewart


Brand awareness refers to the recognizability of your business. 69% of buyers would choose to buy from a brand they recognize, compared to 51% of buyers who would choose the cheapest product. Brand awareness is the first step to building customers’ trust in your business. Trust is the precursor to loyalty. Loyalty is not only highly profitable because of the saved customer acquisition costs, but also because of referral buyers. Knowing what to do to build brand awareness in 2022 could be the difference between flourishing and missed sales. Here are 12 strategies to help you build brand awareness in 2022.

Assume a Persona

What kind of person do people see when your brand is mentioned? As you might have already noticed, most brands have a unique voice. They have a personality. Building a personality helps your business stand out. You can do this by using a mascot, or a unique jingle. Personality extends to how your content is written, and how you interact with customers. Remember, if you’re unsure about how to develop content with a unique tone, you should ask for help from professionals.

Be Shareable

2022 is fully a shareable economy. Any content your business creates must not only be engaging, it has to be shareable. Make it easy for consumers to share your content. Incentivize them, if you have to. A share is an indirect endorsement. You will be enjoying referral customers who are not only more likely to be highly profitable, but could also get you other referral customers.

Co-market With Other Brands

Just like a person has friends, your brand should have ‘friends’ too. You should go out of your way to seek positive associations with valuable brands that can help you grow. Co-marketing can be as simple as going on an Instagram live together or as deep as bundling your products together. An example would be offering the other brand’s customers discounts if they use a special code.

Use Influencers

Influencer marketing is growing at a huge rate, mainly because an influencer is literally word of mouth marketing by a third party. 93% of marketers in 2022 have already used influencer marketing.There are influencers in every possible marketing niche. If done creatively, influencer marketing does not have to cost you a lot. Sometimes, exchanging a product you sell for some publicity can work wonders. With influencers, there is no set rate; you simply reach out and make a proposal. Soon enough you will find a good fit for your business.

Advertise on Multichannel Platforms

There are no two ways about it. Spending money on adverts will build your brand. Advertising has a bigger reach than any organic effort you can think of because online platforms like Facebook and Google have a direct financial interest in selling the attention they generate online. Spending ad money has to be done carefully; there is a risk of spending money without getting a reasonable return on investment.

Be Consistent

A brand has to be consistent for it to be recognizable. Choose colors, jingles, and a logo, then stick with it. Additionally, you have to post regularly to your social channels to maintain the consistency that will get you the attention you desire. Remember, a regular person needs 5 to 7 impressions with a brand before they can start to recognize and remember it.

Practice Social Listening

How many times did your brand get mentioned on Twitter in the past 30 days? If you can’t answer that, then you’re not practicing social listening. Social listening requires you to not only respond when users tag you, but when they mention your brand. Social awareness shows users that you are actively looking to hear what they are saying.

Utilize Events

There are two ways to use events for brand awareness; sponsor an event or host the event. Events are advantageous because they attract good media coverage and get shared online. Sponsoring a brand is a less hectic approach to using events. The event’s host will make it easy for you to sponsor because they will need the money. Hosting an event can be confusing and expensive unless you consult professionals. Events can define or make your brand. If done well, an event can be the viral moment that catapults your brand to the front pages. 

Do Good Consistently

Charitable acts are not meant to create a return on investment, but they do create a return. Brands that are consistent with their do-good actions are considered as being genuine in their charity because of the consistency. People love to be associated with good brands that strengthen their reputation. 

Seek Social Proof

Don’t be shy about asking for a positive rating from your existing customers. Ratings on Yelp, Google, or even on the app store enhance your brand. High ratings attract free traffic from search engines. Amass a wealth of social proof to help users who might be unsure become aware of and begin to trust your brand.

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