6 Event Marketing Website Building Tools for Professionals

July 29, 2023 Mario Stewart

One of the most significant marketing tools New York event planners use all the time is an event-specific website. For each memorable celebration or corporate event you curate, you’ll likely create a dedicated event website to help with marketing, selling tickets, and sharing event information. And there are a host of website-building tools to consider when building those event websites. Today, we’ll share insights about what to include in your event website and some of the best marketing tools for the website-building job.

What to Include When Designing Your Event Website

Because there are so many different types of events and celebrations, it’s hard to use any kind of template for your event website. It really does depend on what you’re planning to know what to include in your online event page. However, there are some key elements and event details that all event websites should have. And this roster of insights can be your guide to ensure your event website is effective.

  • Event name and purpose or mission
  • Event-specific dates and times
  • Location, address, and directions to the venue, if necessary 
  • Brief description of what to expect at the event (hybrid options)
  • Keynote, guest, or celebrity speakers with bios and headshots
  • Exhibitors list and exhibitor opt-ins
  • List of Sponsors and sponsorship opt-ins
  • Event agenda or itinerary with breakout sessions and timelines
  • Benefits of attending
  • Registration forms or ticket-purchasing packages
  • Testimonials or images from the previous year’s event 

Remember, too. When building your event website, keep the event themes in mind as you create graphics and styles. Make it easy to navigate for users, and don’t overwhelm site visitors with too much text. Use language that inspires excitement. And dangle a few FOMO carrots to keep event guests in suspense.

6 Event Website Building Tools to Consider

Some website builder marketing tools are going to be easier for you to use than others. But explore these six most common and check out the reviews and opinions from other pros on G2 or Capterra.

1. WordPress

One of the most prominent website-building tools for event planners is WordPress, with its paid and free options, site templates, and customizable plug-ins and apps.

2. Wix

New York event planners love Wix because this website tool has a dedicated menu of templates specifically for events. 

3. Weebly

Check out Weebly event website templates and stunning graphics, a popular tool for event planners who want an affordable way to sell event tickets.

4. Site123

Site123 also has dedicated event templates and features built-in, making it another popular choice for event planners.

5. Jimdo

Great for quickly turning around an effective event website, Jimdo also offers an AI program to create site layouts for you.

6. SimpleSite

This is a great event website builder tool if you want a more blog-formatted layout and the ability to make your event site multilingual.

Start exploring these event website builder tools and streamline your process for event marketing. And discover even more marketing insights you can apply to your event planning business by attending The Event Planner Expo 2023!

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