6 Signs Your Brand Needs a Refresh

November 18, 2022 Mario Stewart

As we approach the end of 2022, event planners are carving out strategic marketing plans for 2023. You’ll be reviewing your data from past initiatives and forging new ideas for landing new clients and improving your event planning strategies. But what if your brand needs a refresh? 

When you first started your event planning business, you likely developed a strong brand image and messaging. But a lot has changed. And maybe you’re offering new services or exploring new niches. How can you tell if your brand is still aligned with your mission? Check out these signs that might point to 2023 being the year you refresh your brand.

1. You Spot Brand Inconsistencies

Conduct an audit on your brand across all your current media channels and messaging. If there are conflicting messages, different logo designs, or even font variances, you could be confusing your audience. When you have a strong brand presence, your brand will be the same in every aspect. From your website to presentation materials and social media posts, the brand should convey the same feeling and mission. If it doesn’t, or you're not sure, it might be time for a refresh.

2. Your Audience Is Different

For any event planner who’s shifted gears to attract different prospects, make sure your brand adapts accordingly. For example, maybe you started off as a wedding planner but now are dominating as a corporate or virtual event planner. Your buyer personas are no longer brides-to-be. Now you’re targeting company managers and marketers. If your brand still signifies weddings, it won’t resonate with your new corporate audience. 

3. Your Core Event Planning Services Have Evolved

Even if your audience is the same, but your core offering has changed, your brand may need to be refreshed. If your brand feels outdated or signifies event services you’re no longer leading with in your business, you could look for improvements. Remember, your brand should immediately inspire feelings, sentiments, and messaging that supports whatever service you believe is your best foot forward.

4. Your Brand Designs Look Outdated

Get some honest feedback about your current brand designs. Event planning tends to be modern, innovative, and on the precipice of leading trends. If your brand inspires yawns or looks outdated, your audience might be getting the impression that your services are also outdated.

5. Your Company Values Are No Longer Evident

Back when you started your event planning business, you carved out a mission and company values. You found your secret sauce and unique differentiator and launched a business on it. But now, a few years into entrepreneurship, are your values still evident in your brand image and voice? If you’re not sure, it might be for a brand refresh to realign it with your vision again.

6. Your Prospects Don’t Understand What You Do Best

When you encounter new event planning prospects, do they know immediately what it is you do best? Do they know what you do differently? Do they know what you do at all? Consider sending out some surveys and asking social media questions to help you gauge what your audience knows about your business. And when you spot areas of improvement, remember to realign your brand accordingly, too.

As you carve out marketing plans for your business in 2023, consider conducting a brand audit and use these signs as a resource. Consistent branding and messaging matter and should be a pillar of every marketing or advertising effort. And for more insights about growing your business and becoming the best event planner, you can be, make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023! Join the waitlist and make sure you're the first to see announcements for next year’s monumental conference!

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