Is Snail Mail Dead? 5 Ways to Effectively Use EDDM

November 16, 2022 Mario Stewart

Considering nearly every aspect of your event planning business is online, you might be wondering if there’s even a place for snail mail outreach anymore. And while we’re always sharing technology event planners need to use, scheduling software, management solutions, and gadgets, there could still be a valid reason to keep mail in the marketing strategy. Every Door Direct Mail does have its advantages if you know how to leverage its benefits. Check out these insights that suggest EDDM and mail campaigns can still be effective for your business.

1. Mail Provides Affordable Reach 

When you launch a mail campaign, you have a unique opportunity to select specific zip codes and geographic regions. You can cast your net wide or narrow, depending on precisely who you plan to target. And mail is super-affordable, so your cost-per-piece is easy on the budget. Pricing will vary, but launching an EDDM campaign could cost you as little as $.15 to $.25 for each piece.

2. Mailers Can Be More Effective

Here’s the caveat. Yes, most brands are spending more time and money on digital marketing campaigns. But that also means you have an opportunity to uniquely connect with your target audience using mail, with less competition. And each printed campaign can present a tailored message based on your chosen audience. A ProPrint survey shared that 79% of consumers act on a direct mail piece immediately. Additionally, another 56% said printed materials were the most trustworthy of all media channels.

3. A Great Way to Share a Compelling Offer

Event planners who are looking to engage a large potential audience of event attendees can use EDDM as a great method for sharing that compelling invite or offer. Mailers are also incredibly effective with event announcements, like open houses, grand openings, or public-facing conferences and trade shows. Put your offer literally in their hands and watch your RSVPs and attendance numbers grow!

4. Mail Is Ideal for Disseminating Complex Information

Event planners can use mailers for disseminating key event details and information. Include maps that outline parking and venue layouts. List QR codes and digital resources for recipients to use, but allow them a physical card to keep with all event-related contacts and info. Despite the reliance on digital resources, the mailed card can be great for delivering all those complex event details in one convenient place.

5. Your Sponsors Will Love It

Using an EDDM campaign as part of your event marketing strategy will provide you with another channel for showcasing supporters and sponsors. Imagine how many more sponsorship packages you could sell by adding 1,000 more guests to their brand visibility metrics. Make your mailers brilliant with designs and prominently feature your brand sponsors. Be sure they get one in the mail, too!

Of course, event planners need to tap into all the available digital tools and resources to advance their marketing efforts. But don’t forget the power of snail mail, especially including these key insights. 

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