How to Structure a Compelling Newsletter

November 16, 2022 Desiree Homer

One of the key tools in your marketing arsenal is the company newsletter. And event planners can build contact lists and generate interest only if those newsletters are compelling. There’s a fine line between sending e-blasts with regurgitated information and inspiring content that begs to be read. The easiest-to-fix difference between the two is the structure of the newsletter itself. Keep reading to explore insights for building out your best, most engaging newsletter every time. Your recipients will be eager to open, read, and share your newsletter, which will ultimately lead to marketing success.

Understanding the Five Key Elements of a Newsletter

Not all company newsletters are created equal. And even newsletters among event planners can be vastly different in what they offer and how they’re structured. However, there are key pillars and elements of every successful newsletter that you can use as a foundation for your strategy.

  • The best newsletters are brief. 
  • The best newsletters tell relatable stories.
  • The best newsletters have topic focus for each issue.
  • The best newsletters have calls to action.
  • The best newsletters have brilliant designs.

Know and Stick to Your Newsletter Goals

Ideally, you have a reason for starting a newsletter, right? It’s serving a valuable purpose within your current marketing strategy, engaging an audience and offering valuable information. With each newsletter issue you create, stick with those original goals and make sure every element of your newsletter supports those objectives. Don’t get in the habit of “slapping” something together and hitting send. Be deliberate about every decision, from the opening lines to the graphics. Remember the reason your recipients opted-in and use those as a lens in crafting your best newsletter.

Every Word Counts

With each newsletter issue you send, get creative and spend time carefully choosing your language and text. Your subject lines need to be enticing. Your opening line needs to spot on with wow factor. Break up lengthy sentences for easy reading on a mobile device. And use language that sounds conversational. There’s no room for typos or grammatical errors, either, so polish up that newsletter before you send. 

Stay Brief, Relevant, and Precise

Make sure your event planning business newsletter tells a story that your audience can relate to in a real way. But avoid the lengthy novellas and yawn-worthy text. Brevity will keep your newsletter easy to read. You can always embed links to more in-depth conversations, with a blog, for example. Relevancy is essential, as well. Try not to cover too many topics, or you risk losing audience interest. Be sure to nail the closing by outlining precisely what steps you want your readers to take next.

A/B Test Everything

As you build your newsletter subscriber lists, be mindful of those personas. What is engaging to one segment of readers might not be engaging to others. And the only way to ensure you continue to build interest and enthusiasm for your newsletter for the long term is to A/B test different formats and content. Let the data guide you regarding open rates and subscriber metrics. Test various subject lines and calls to action to find those that generate the most traction. Remember, too; your audience preferences will change over time, so your newsletter needs to be dynamic to adapt accordingly.

New York event planners are widely adopting newsletters as a viable tool in the marketing toolbox. Keep these insights in mind when it comes to structuring and formatting yours to ensure they’re always compelling and engaging. 

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