Corporate Event Branding: Making a Lasting Impression

July 8, 2024 Mario Stewart

Let’s talk about corporate event branding. As an event planning professional who specializes in curating corporate events, it’s important to also understand the best strategies for branding those events. When you master the corporate event branding side of your business, you’ll make a lasting impression on your guests and company clients. And it’s how you generate the buzz and build the reputation as the best in the corporate events business.

There’s event marketing. Then, there’s corporate event branding.

Don’t confuse corporate event branding with traditional event marketing. While some of the methods might overlap, branding the event means curating an engagement that exudes the essence of the company’s brand.

In event marketing, you promote the engagement and appeal to attendees. In event branding, you focus on the results of the corporate event, ensuring it aligns with the host company’s identity, products, and values in a way that “sticks” with guests as part of their experiences.

Understanding corporate event branding strategies and benefits

When you think about branding, in general, you think of logos, brand fonts, company language, and colors. When branding a corporate event, you’ll want to infuse those brand elements within your event’s design, signage, decor, entertainment, and messaging. 

You don’t want your guests to attend the event, have a great time, but ultimately forget the brand behind the event, right? So, look for ways to incorporate company elements into each step of your event planning process. These might include colors and styles that match those of the hosting company, along with themes, dress code, and invitation messaging.

Branding before your event

Improve corporate brand recognition associated with your event with corporate event branding techniques before the event:

  • Branded invitations
  • Targeted event email sequences
  • Branded social media campaigns
  • Company-branded event landing page
  • Brand-aligned sponsors and exhibitors

Corporate event branding mid-event

Make sure your client’s brand resonates throughout the event with these elements:

  • Banners and event signage
  • Stage design and step-and-repeats
  • Interactive brand displays
  • Themed venue designs
  • Branded swag, badges, or prizes

Branding after your corporate event is over

When your corporate event is over, you still have unique opportunities to do a little corporate event branding.

  • Event follow-up correspondence
  • Post-event content sharing (hashtags, social)
  • Event surveys and guest feedback initiatives
  • Corporate event community sharing
  • Appreciation communications

Corporate branding ideas, activations, and strategies that work

Now that you better understand the why and where to incorporate corporate event branding, get inspired by these proven branding ideas. 

  • Keynote speakers can be brand supporters with their audiovisual presentations and speaking topics.
  • Immersive experiences, including VR tours, escape room challenges, and hands-on activities, can all be branded.
  • Weave in art or dance installations that reflect the brand’s values or core mission statements.
  • Build in interactive workshops for event guests using branded networking lounges or designated working spaces.
  • Incorporate breakout sessions with branded elements and topics of discussion for group work.
  • Social media integrations work great for corporate event branding, including specific hashtags, QR codes, and photo ops.

FAQs about corporate event branding

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get are about event branding and marketing. Align both for maximum results and consider these responses.

How does event web design support a corporate event brand?

Make sure your corporate event website stands out with consistent branding, storytelling, and relevancy. Incorporate logos, brand messaging, fonts, and colors to align the event with the company brand.

How can sponsors promote the corporate event brand?

Choose event sponsors who support your client’s brand vision. And look to incorporate sponsorship brands with your event’s brand. Together, they can amplify the authenticity, authority, and consistency of your corporate event.

What kind of corporate event branding works on social media?

Don’t get post happy without infusing those messages, posts, infographics, and images exude the event’s brand. Maintain the event’s brand identity within videos and hashtags, too. You’ll find great attendee engagement with live Q&As or FAQ sections, which are all branded, of course.

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