Email Marketing is Not Dead in the Events Industry

June 9, 2019 Susan Serena

Whoever said that email marketing is dead, simply needed to readjust their event marketing strategies. You have to mix the old tactics with the new and create a hybrid technique to capture all audiences.

The demographics for the target audience of an event professional varies drastically, maybe even more than any other industry. We don’t deliver event services to one specific age range, gender, race, income level, profession, etc. We provide event services to everyone.

Yeah, it’s probably true that the Baby Boomers use social media less than say the Millennials. But, we're pretty sure a good percentage of the population can relate to that feeling of when Grandma and Grandpa sent them a friend request on Facebook. I mean they were just getting used to using email when social media took over online traffic years ago. Now, they own smart devices and are finding themselves just as attached to scrolling news feeds as the rest of us.

So, if we’re saying that everyone is using social media, does that mean that email marketing is dead? Not at all. In fact, corporate event planners have fine-tuned their email marketing strategies in ways that encompass today’s most used digital platforms and technologies in some very efficient ways.

In the remainder of this article, we’re going to review quick, simple, email campaign tactics that you can apply to your event marketing strategies right away to cast a wider net and grab the attention of all audiences. We are certain that the positive results will show themselves faster than you expect.

Opt-in Text Messaging

The most used form of communication in 2019 is text messaging. Think about how many times a day you check your email vs. the number of times you read text message a day. Not only is it the most popular communication method, but statistics show that people read their texts within seconds of receiving them. So, since all generations use texting, create an SMS campaign that includes an exclusive offer to prospects and customers who click the hyperlink to sign up to your email list.

Social Media E-mail Signups

We’ve already discussed that even our Grandparents are using social media. By knowing that, we know where to grab the attention of all generations. The next step is enticing them to sign up to your list of email contacts.

Facebook allows you to set your own budget when you’re promoting ads. So any size business could apply promoting an ad to their event marketing strategies that would include a call-to-action that encourages your audiences to signup to your email list. Also, it is a must to have a link on your Facebook profile with an offer for those who sign up to subscribe to your email list.

Event Management Software Email Management

With all the different event apps and event management software that exists today, we have access to managing more data about attendees than ever before. The question is, are we filtering data to properly apply it to our event marketing strategies?

Firstly, these may be your most valuable prospects because people who have attended your events, are already invested in what you have to offer. Use an event management software that easily integrates with your email management program. That’s the best way to later filter out a list of registrants to create a targeted email marketing campaign to them and invite them to your future events.  

To read more articles that will help your event marketing strategies, visit the Marketing Strategy section of our blog.




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