Event Hashtag Basics Every Event Planner Should Know About

August 14, 2023 Mario Stewart

Without a proper hashtag marketing strategy, you could just be throwing out random hashtags without a plan. And there are right and wrong ways to use hashtags for your New York events. To shed some light on the best insights, these are the basics every New York event planner should know and use. When executed properly, a great hashtag strategy could significantly boost your events and your brand. 

What Is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a short phrase or single word preceded by the pound sign (or hashtag - #) used throughout social media platforms. Hashtags become links that connect topics to interested audiences. If you click on #cats, you’ll be directed to an entire feed of posts about cats, for example.

As a New York event planner, you can be using hashtags to draw audiences to your events, conferences, and business. Create hashtags to use in your posts, articles, email campaigns, or image attributes. And hashtag marketing strategies are wildly effective across Twitter (X,) Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But don’t just take our word for it:

  • 85% of marketers today have a well-planned hashtag strategy for Instagram.
  • 82% of marketers today are using hashtags actively as part of their in-house marketing strategies on Instagram.
  • 81% of marketers today say hashtags have been somewhat effective in their Instagram strategies.

Short, Sweet, and Unique

The most effective hashtags are those that are short, unique, and easy to remember. Getting too lengthy or creative with your hashtags could make them harder to recall and less impactful.

Emotional Appeal

Hashtags have to be emotionally inspiring. Don’t just make them funny; make them hysterical. Don’t just make a statement; make a statement that tugs at the heartstrings. Tap into an emotional response with your event hashtags.

Hashtags by Topic

Include a hashtag that describes your event specifically. Topic-related hashtags that uniquely characterize your event, theme, cause, or brand will be more effective than a broad-stroked hashtag. 

Conversational Hashtag Tips

Hashtags can and should include short, conversational phrases. Create fun and engaging hashtags in brief, easy-to-recognize, and remember statements.

Hashtag Research

Do some homework before posting your hashtags. Click on them to see what content already exists in those threads. Make sure all your social media profiles are public, too, or the hashtag visibility will be limited. And remember, when crafting your hashtags, don’t use punctuation, symbols, or spaces between words.

Don’t Overdo Hashtags

You’ve probably seen other event planners stack ten or more hashtags to their posts. But you’ll want to avoid overposting them. Too many hashtags, no matter how genius they are, can be algorithmically mistaken for spam.

The 3 Hashtag Rule

Another basic guide that New York event planners can follow with their hashtag strategies includes the three hashtag rule. This unofficial concept says that hashtags should describe the following three things: 

  • What you’re offering
  • Who it’s targeting
  • What problem it solves

Basically, your core hashtags should describe the “what,” the “who,” and the “why.”

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