Event Marketing: 6 Channels You Should Be Using to Promote Your NYC Event

September 4, 2023 Mario Stewart

Let’s talk about event marketing strategies. There are countless suggestions out there about how to structure your content and facilitate your event marketing plans. But what channels are the most effective? Keep reading as we discuss the few marketing platforms and channels New York event planners should be using for all their NYC events. Increase your brand awareness and drive higher attendance to all your corporate and social events!

1. Social Media Channels

Tap into your social media platforms to promote all your New York events. Build excitement about attending by sharing announcements gradually in the weeks leading up to the event. Boost ticket sales with VIP experiences and early-bird discounts on Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter.) And for those events you’re curating that are seasonal or annual recurrences, share videos and excitement from last year’s fun.

2. Email Campaigns

Event planners should be creating a series of email sequences to promote their upcoming events. Your clients will likely have email lists of contacts to include. But you can also be tapping into your own networks as you look for sponsors, exhibitors, and networking visibility. Attract more people to all your NY events using the power of the inbox! Remember to keep the content brief and not spammy, with precise steps for how to respond.

3. Press Releases

If you are coordinating a conference, trade show, or fundraising event, you can definitely tap into a broader audience with brilliantly written press releases. Deputize local media to help you get the word out about your event. And use PRs to promote well-known speakers, event experiences, or fundraising goals associated with your event.

4. Landing Pages

Every sizable event you plan should have a dedicated event landing page or website. You can then build various landing pages to use as part of your email marketing campaigns and ticket sales funnels. Keep the content on these sites and landing pages concise with event information, deadlines, and CTAs. And make them fun to navigate with videos and images of past events or upcoming event activities.

5. Event Ambassadors

Consider bringing in a team of event ambassadors charged with helping you spread the word about your upcoming New York event or conference. Engage potential ambassadors by offering them VIP perks or discounts in exchange for their assistance in marketing your event to their networks. Because tapping in more word-of-mouth power is only going to boost your event attendance results.

6. Content Marketing

Content marketing campaigns might require more effort since you have to actually craft the content. But it’s one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and drive results. Use newsletters and blogs to dive more in-depth into the purpose of your event. Dedicate content to showcase the value in attending, answering the most frequently asked questions, and showcasing your speaking or celebrity guests. 

Tap into the marketing and engagement power of these marketing channels as part of your event marketing efforts! And start seeing real results in the form of boosted event attendance and broader brand awareness. You can learn even more about improving your event business’ marketing strategies when you attend The Event Planner Expo 2023! Get your tickets! 

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