How to Improve SEO for Your Event Planning Website

September 13, 2023 Mario Stewart

How’s your event planning website looking these days? Are you drumming up leads with it? Do visitors complement its design and layout? Has it been a while since you’ve really thought about it?

Your event planning business website is your digital storefront to the world - but only if the world can find it when they’re looking for your services. And that’s where search engine optimization matters. Today, we’ll share precise insights for improving SEO on your website and making sure your online presence is front-and-center when New York City clients need your event services.

Check Your Page Loading Speeds

Check your page load speeds to see how long it takes for content, images, and videos to load. If it’s taking too long, more than a few seconds, you’re likely losing site traffic. Consider free-use tools to help you gauge your page speed times. And then, look for ways to optimize loading by reducing image and video sizes and graphics.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

How does your event website look when it’s pulled up on a mobile device? If your menus are off-screen and navigation requires side-to-side scrolling or pinching, it’s not mobile-optimized. Since most people use their phones and devices to make purchasing decisions and to research services, you need to make sure your site is primed for mobile viewing. Talk with your web design partner about making the change and improving SEO with mobile-friendly accessibility.

Surge Your Content Creation

The most effective way to really boost your event website’s visibility and SEO is with new and engaging content. That means blogs and articles with value-loaded insights, precise keywords, and great linking. If your event website doesn’t already have a blog, create one. And if you do have a blog that’s outdated, start posting again. Commit to a regular posting schedule, even if it’s only monthly or weekly. And make sure you’re promoting your blog across your other channels, like social media or within your newsletter campaigns.

Linking and Keyword Strategies

Improve SEO on your event planning website with better linking and keyword strategies. Don’t just be an “event planner,” since those keywords mean competing with a global audience of “event planner” searches. Instead, be a New York event planner or a virtual event planner, targeting a more specific and narrower results pool.

Check Your Analytics

Sometimes, all you really need to do to improve SEO is check your analytics. Look at how many site visitors you’re getting, which pages they visit, and how long they linger on those pages. You can’t change what you don’t know, and analytics will point to precise improvements you could be making to improve your on-site experience.

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