Get More Leads: 4 Ways to Significantly Increase Your Leads

June 11, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Let’s talk about leads. As an event planner, you’re always on the hunt for better ways to generate and convert leads into event-booking clients. But today’s lead generation landscape is vastly different than it once was. And there’s a new rule book for how you can keep your sales funnels full of targeted, decision-maker leads. Here are some ideas to inspire new ways to significantly increase your leads.

Stop Lead Generation Efforts That Aren’t Working

The first step to improving your event planning business’s bottom line is to stop spending time and money on lead generation tactics that aren’t producing leads. Some business owners are afraid to unplug simply because it’s a channel or a strategy that’s worked in the past. Today’s client engagement requires new strategies. And before you can reallocate efforts and investments, you’ll need to stop efforts that aren’t producing results.

Email Marketing Is Resurging as a Lead-Gen Tool

Social media has changed, advertising strategies have changed, and how clients make key decisions has changed. But one habit that has remained constant is just how frequently people check and rely on their email inboxes for information. Event planners in New York should be using email as a primary lead-gen tool to reach new and prospective clients. There are plenty of lead-gen tools and software solutions worth considering to execute the right strategy. And emails are equally effective in building a warm audience of existing connections, with whom you can routinely connect using newsletters, discount offerings, or industry updates.

Developing a Robust Referral Program

Because you’re already a master at building relationships and creating one-of-kind event experiences, you should also be developing a robust referral program as a method for generating leads and improving your business. With every successful event you execute, create incentives for those clients to refer others to your services. Remind them you’re accepting new bookings and are scaling as a company. Your best events can be transformed into your fiercest allies and champions in generating new leads.

Tapping Into the Power of Loyalty Programs

Don’t presume that once you’ve successfully planned an event for someone, that those clients can’t be a tremendous resource for additional events. Now probably more than ever before, people and businesses alike are looking for ways to celebrate something. From social milestones to company objectives, there will always be a great reason to host an event. Tap into the power of the loyalty program to stay in front of your clients and be the first call they initiate when they’re ready to host another event.

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