How the Right Copywriter Can Enhance Your Event Planning Business

September 12, 2022 Mario Stewart

When it comes to running a successful event planning business, there is going to be a lot of copywriting that comes along with it. There are so many parts of marketing that require engaging and effective writing. Hiring a qualified and experienced copywriter will give you peace of mind that your copy is the best it can be. These roles should also be able to work at a good pace and always deliver content with proper spelling and grammar. Writing is a skill set that not everyone can master. It takes creativity as well as a good knowledge of vocabulary. At the same time, a copywriter should be reliable and experienced at researching topics to incorporate into their writing. As an event planner, you are certainly going to be sending out a lot of proposals, promotions, emails, and more to showcase your company and spread awareness about your events. Let’s dive into some reasons why an events business needs a great copywriter.

Blog Writing

An events-related blog is a great way to market your company and drive traffic to your websites, products, and services. A blog also shows your readers that you are a master of your industry and knowledgeable about the types of events you do most. If you plan to launch a blog, then you are going to need a solid copywriter who can write quickly and research topics efficiently. At the same time, they need to be creative and have a good way with words. The content has to be engaging to readers, and it has to add value. A good copywriter should also be experienced when it comes to writing SEO and metadata. These are crucial to increasing traffic to your blogs. They should also know how to write effective calls to action to drive traffic to your websites. A good blog can also make a big difference in generating leads. 

Email Campaigns

As an event planner, you are certainly going to be sending out several email campaigns promoting your events, products, and services. A good copywriter should come with a lot of experience in email marketing and be ready to meet your needs. They can write effective subject lines that add value and personalization. A good subject line is crucial to increasing click-through rates. At the same time, they will know how to write an effective email that holds the reader’s attention. A good copywriter will know the proper balance between text and visuals, and they will also incorporate calls to action throughout the email. It's not an easy task to hold the attention of readers via emails, but a solid copywriter will have you do just that. 

Funnel Sites

Funnel sites are a great way to generate leads and increase sales. If you hire a copywriter, you need to give them the task of writing copy for these sites. A good copywriter will write engaging and creative content that is constantly showcasing the value of your business, products, and services. They will make these funnel sites informative and hopefully make your readers excited about wanting your business. Funnel sites are a simple and seamless way of selling your products, and a copywriter can make them the best that they can be. They will know how to create great headers, sub-headers, lists, and more. 

Letters & Proposals

There are several reasons why an events business will be sending out a lot of letters and proposals. An event planning business will constantly be sending out letters promoting events as well as proposals to form strategic partnerships and gain sponsorships. To do this, you need a good copywriter who can create content that is engaging, informative, and very professional. If you are looking for partners or sponsors, it is crucial that your proposals have absolutely no spelling or grammatical mistakes. A copywriter will proofread their work and make sure that it is absolutely perfect. They will also highlight the value of your business and add calls to action, and be well-versed in writing with your brand's voice, tone, and style. 

Social Media 

You can’t run a successful events business without a solid social media campaign. While a lot of social media posts are reliant on images and video content, copywriting also plays a big part. For starters, social media posts come with descriptions that go with the content. This content needs to have certain parameters that should always be met. A good copywriter will know the proper amount of text to use. At the same time, they will know how much text to use based on the social media platform. They will create exciting content that engages your audience and entices them to look at your products and/or services. With most social media platforms, hashtags also come into play. Copywriters will know what hashtags to use for each post, depending on the content. Hashtags are crucial to generating traffic. 

Video Content 

When it comes to posting video content, copywriting comes into play with every post. First and foremost, a copywriter will be experienced when it comes to keyword research. Keyword research shows you what words and phrases get the most traffic online, and a copywriter will base the posts around those. They will make the titles creative and engaging. At the same time, they will utilize keyword research when it comes to writing the descriptions as well as the text within the thumbnails. Writing effective calls to action is also extremely important when it comes to writing good descriptions for your video posts. A good copywriter will write effective next steps for your videos that will draw in viewers and drive them to your sites, products, and services. 

Consider these insights and advantages of having a strong, experienced copywriter on your bench. And if you are looking to get in the room with thousands of event planners, marketers, and corporate decision-makers, then don’t miss The Event Planner Expo 10 Year Anniversary in New York City. This is the #1 trade show in the events and hospitality industry. Don't wait; get tickets for your team today! 

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