How to Get More Connections on LinkedIn

September 7, 2022 Mario Stewart

LinkedIn has become a leading force in the world of social media and a viable method to grow a business. The platform began as a tool to help individuals find jobs and allow business colleagues to connect. At the same time, it was a great way for employers to seek out new employees and identify new prospect decision makers. LinkedIn is still used for these actions, but it has since become a great networking tool for forming strategic partnerships. With that said, LinkedIn is very different than other social media platforms when it comes to making connections. There are certain skills to master, as well as the many unique functions of LinkedIn to explore. The platform is a great way to showcase your brand to millions as well as make powerful connections that can lead to lucrative deals. Let’s dive into how to make more connections on LinkedIn. 

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Shine

When it comes to making connections on LinkedIn, it all starts with your profile. First and foremost, you should have a very professional-looking headshot for your profile. Your profile headline should be short and sweet and clearly state what you do for work. In the “about” section, you will describe, in detail, what you currently do, as well as your past experience. You should also outline with whom you're looking to connect. The whole goal of your profile is to show the value that you can provide. It is also a great idea to add a “featured” section to your profile. This is where you can share links, websites, videos, and more to showcase your company. 

Share Prolific Content 

LinkedIn is a great way to share content about your company. At the same time, you can share blogs, videos, pictures, and more to show your expertise in your field. The content can be shared, and it can greatly increase traffic to your sites if you include calls to action. It is additionally important to note the significance of being consistent with your posts. If you are going to start posting content on social media, then you will want to create a well-thought-out schedule of content and stick to it on a weekly basis. 

Utilize Direct Messaging

Direct messaging is a crucial aspect of making connections on LinkedIn. With that said, there is a very specific way to go about messaging on LinkedIn. You should refrain from pitching or selling on the first message. It is about making a conversational connection that will benefit both parties. What you can do is compliment them on their achievement and explain how working together could be a lucrative opportunity. Always respond to any message that you receive in a timely manner. 

Provide Value

No matter what part of LinkedIn you are using, you need to make it a necessity to provide value to your audience. Your profile and your posts need to showcase why you, or your event planning company, would benefit others. The same goes for direct messaging on LinkedIn. The whole point of LinkedIn is to create connections that benefit both parties within an atmosphere of sharing and collaboration. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be your best friend and is a great tool that will help you make increased connections, as well as close sales. The tool allows you to easily generate thousands of leads. Their advanced search tools allow you to filter specific fields and/or companies to search. Getting LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a stellar investment for any entrepreneur or company. At the same time, you can integrate it with CRMs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Outreach. Generate more leads and form strategic partnerships with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

Consider these insights to help improve how you connect on LinkedIn. Want to network with thousands of event professionals and corporate decision-makers? Get ready to form many strategic partnerships in person at The Event Planner Expo 2023! Get on the waitlist now and learn more about upcoming opportunities!

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