How to Create a Sales and Marketing Strategy That Works

May 11, 2020 Jessica Stewart

The event planning industry can be very competitive and the key to success is a sales and marketing strategy that works. Whether you’re specialized as a wedding or party planner or offer a variety of other services, it’s important to stick out from the rest.

Without a proper sales and marketing plan, you can easily spend thousands without getting anything back on your investment. Planning and developing a strategy can elevate you from an average income to a top tier earner.

We’ve developed many sales and marketing plans and provided you with a primer on the importance of a strategy and how it can make you a success.

Sales and Marketing Strategy 101: Know Your Customer

Before you can begin choosing the right sales and marketing avenues for your business, you need to know who you’re marketing to. Without it, you could end up reaching many people that don’t need your service.

For example, if you’re a wedding planner, then advertising on a wedding blog or magazine would be a good investment, but perhaps not in general newspaper ads since you’re not hitting your target audience.

Understanding the type of person you’re going after helps you understand where you can connect with them best.

Develop a Monthly Budget

You know when your busy times are and when you’re hurting for business. Before you start booking ads and televisions spots, develop a sustainable budget for all your marketing platforms on a month by month basis.

If you know people likely start planning for corporate events in January, then spend more money on advertising that month. If you know March is slow, then consider trying something different to boost regular sales.

Budgeting lets you choose the best months for spending and how to best spend the money. You don’t want to get to a point where you have no money for sales and marketing, but you know it’s a big month for you.

Enter the Digital World

Since event planning tends to be a regional business, many business owners choose local advertising options such as print, radio, and television. While these are important for regional advertising, don’t forget the impact the Internet has on decision making.

When people want planning, the first place they look is the Internet. You need to have an easily navigable website that people can see what you offer. You can use local search engine optimization tactics to rank better on searches.

You can use Google and Facebook ads to laser target your audience when looking for information. You can use email marketing to keep your business in front of people’s minds.

The digital world has opened many new and exciting sales and marketing avenues for you to try.

Take Your Time Developing a Plan

A sales and marketing strategy doesn’t just happen overnight. It can take weeks or months to truly break everything down and create something that you’re confident will work.

If you’re interested in a sales and marketing plan or building your event planning business, then please explore our site.

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