How to Make Your Event Planning Blog Sizzle

September 5, 2022 Desiree Homer

If you’re already working on a fun and engaging event planning blog for your website, congratulations! You’re well on your way to driving new traffic, building a loyal audience, and positioning yourself as a leader in your space! 

If you’re just starting a blog for your event planning services, high-five to you, too! You’re taking the first step towards achieving all of the above, and you have a fresh landscape from which to launch a great blog series.

In either of these scenarios, one particular challenge will present itself. How can you create fresh blog content ongoing that pops with personality and sizzles with subject matter? Whether you’re managing a well-established blog or just launching yours, these are the blogging tips and tricks to infuse everything you post with all the right engagement and readability factors.

Start with Stories and Real-Life Examples

You might be an event planner, but in essence, you’re in the people business. When you’re creating content intended to spark interest, educate, or entertain people, it’s generally a great practice to always incorporate real-life stories and examples. No one ever wants to read a wall of text with blah-blah-blah and a few drab stats for reliability. Yes, professionalism is a great tone, but it’s the stories you tell, with lessons learned, intriguing endings, and even some hilarity, that resonate the most.

Listicles and Blocks of Readable Text

If you really want people to read and subscribe to your blogs, you’ll need to meet your audience where they find you – typically on their mobile devices. When you’re scrolling through your phone, anything that looks too long to read will get passed over pretty quickly. What people like are punchy headlines, quick-read listicles, and smaller blocks of readable text. Whatever story you’re telling with your blog, pay attention to the formatting, so it complements the mobile device user.

Get to the Point Already

Your readers are smart sleuths, and they’ll smell a sales pitch from a mile away. Don’t try to trick them in your blogs by dragging on and on about irrelevant details before addressing the main point you have in your title. Jump right in and offer the answer to the question they want, point to the resources they need, and share the ideas they need for inspiration. Too much fluff or dragging on will only deter your audience. And sugar-coating hard truths, along with sales tactics, have no place in a sizzle-worthy blog.

Conversational Tones and Styles

If you want to develop an influential blog for your event planning business that really sizzles, you’ll need to pay attention to the tone and style of your writing. Unless you’re an encyclopedia, regurgitating static information, your content should read like a conversation. Write as though you were sitting in front of your target audience, talking to them about your topic. Yes, you’ll want to definitely have proper grammar and avoid blatant text mishaps. However, make smart use of descriptive words, start the occasional sentence with “and,” and read your blog out loud to make sure it sounds like your authentic voice. 

If you want your blog to really sizzle and help build a loyal readership, keep these insights in mind as you write and post. And for more ways to grow your business, blogs, and everything else in your service offering platform, you can always find insights with our ongoing blog series. Get on the waitlist, too, for next year’s Event Planner Expo!

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