How to Promote Your Event Online for Free

July 16, 2019 Jessica Stewart

Suppose you are planning an event, the biggest one of your life and you do not have an adequate budget to promote it, it’s only natural that you begin to panic. 

Never fear, event marketing for free is near.

Years ago, it wasn’t possible to virtually communicate with potential invitees or attendees to announce an upcoming event which is why the turnout was never as abundant as it is nowadays. You can’t expect impressive ticket sales if people aren’t aware of an event you’re planning. Your best bet was to spend a considerable amount of money on advertising through print ads, mailers, commercials, and various forms of guerilla marketing.

Any successful event marketing will entail a creative plan so that people are aware of your event and consider attending. But marketing doesn’t necessarily have to burn a hole in your advertising budget. In fact, there are many ways to promote an event without creating a financial debt. Luckily, the internet has opened up the doors for creative (and sometimes free) forms of promoting any event. So long as you use the available tools and resources like social media for marketing your events, you should be golden.

In this article, we will review:

5 Free Event Marketing Methods

1. Email Marketing. The email-marketing technique is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter engagements. For email marketing, you do not have to be an SEO expert. Just make a list of your contacts, write a simple email about your event or website and get them to sign up. Ask them to forward the email to their list of contacts and offer an incentive (like free entry to the event) for those who share out the event information.

2. Event Website. It is very true that if you have a well-designed event website that is noticed by potential guests that it will encourage them to attend. The event webpage should be attractive, brief yet informative, and easy to navigate. You’ll want it to contain the basic required information like the date, location, fees, dress code, and transportation services in the area. You can even include a Google Maps widget to help visitors plan how to get there.

3. Let Google Locate You. The event webpage must be designed and captioned in a way that will cause Google to show it properly when people search online. Today, many people Google search before attending any event. The keywords should be selected in such a way that Google can easily find your page. An entry-level SEO structure will ensure that the event is ranking high when people search for “events near me”. You don’t have to be an SEO expert to learn how to do it. So long as you follow the SEO guide, you won’t have to hire an SEO pro.

4. Connect with the Local Community. Generally, there are people in every city who attend various events and they are in some way connected to each other. It may be on either a social forum or a mobile group. If you research a bit about the area of the event, you can find the online groups or forums where these people are connected.

You can extend a special discount for them and invite them to the event. The days after they receive your invitation up to the day of the event, they will campaign about your event unintentionally by discussing it in their groups or forums. It will further spread the news about the event.

5. Social Media. No event marketing strategy is complete without advertising on social giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most of us know how to use Facebook for personal use, but not everyone knows how to use it for professional and business purposes. For those who are unfamiliar how to advertise on social media, you can start by utilizing the Facebook marketing strategies guide as your reference and guide.   

With the help of these free marketing tools, you can advertise your event and the public will learn about and attend your event. If you plan and organize your marketing successfully, your guestlist will become the ambassadors of your event and will further advertise your event by discussing with their contacts.

To read more articles that will help your event marketing strategies, visit the Marketing Strategy section of our blog.

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