Start Landing More Event Clients with These Strategies

February 10, 2023 Mario Stewart

One of the core objectives of your event planning business is to continue growing and scaling. And the only way to pave that path is by finding and landing new event clients. So, what are you doing today to fill your sales funnel and close more deals? If you think your sales strategy has grown stagnant or needs a boost, keep reading. Start landing more event clients when you apply these techniques.

Get in Front of Your Niche Clients Online

If you’re only chasing potential event clients who need your services today, you’re going to run out of prospects. Instead, start developing a lead generation strategy, and sales funnel, where you can get in front of your ideal clients online before they even need an event planner. Build trust in your brand by posting and sharing other event experiences and client testimonials. Offer event tips, and event industry thought leadership to position yourself as an authority. And engage those key decision-makers long before they know they need you. The more they see you now, online, and where they spend their time, the more likely you’ll come to mind when they do need your services.

Solve Event-Planning Problems

Your potential clients won’t hire you unless and until they recognize the value you bring to their situations. And only those event planners who can solve all the event-planning problems will be considered. As you create your messaging, email campaigns, and marketing content, be sure to address pain points you’re uniquely positioned to relieve. To help, you can loosely follow the PASO framework for every conversation, digital or otherwise. 

Problem - Focus on one specific problem your ideal event client has.

Agitate - Remind them how problematic that one problem will be for them.

Solution - Position a solution statement around your services in a way that it’s a no-brainer decision that clients reach out to you.

Outcome - Be ready for those emails and calls to come in with prompt responses and appointment setting.

Always Be Networking, Prospecting, and Closing

Every day, you should be focusing on closing new clients. And if you don’t have presentations scheduled, you should instead focus on prospecting your lead lists. And once you’ve followed up with everyone in your sales funnel, you should be networking for new leads. If you set daily and weekly goals for yourself that correlate to direct activities for advancing your event client potential, you’ll always have a full sales funnel. But if you’re only focusing on one of these areas, you’ll run out of the others. Build sales momentum and keep networking, prospecting, and closing. Your bottom line will thank you.

Get in the Room with Your Decision Makers

The best way to start landing more clients is by getting in the room and building relationships with them. And the most effective way to do that is by continuously networking and asking for referrals. Look to be where your top prospects are in the community and elsewhere. Get in front of them with your brilliant personality and shine! Strategic relationships are THE pillar for growing your prospect pools and landing new event clients.

Change how you engage and connect with your top prospects and start closing more deals! And remember, the one conference you need to attend this October, where all your decision-making contacts will be eagerly seeking your services, is The Event Planner Expo 2023! Get your tickets and reserve your exhibitor booth today!

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