4 Experiential Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

February 8, 2023 Susan Serena

In this article, I'll explore four cutting-edge technologies that will transform marketing in 2023. These trends are:

  • Live streaming video
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR)
  • GPTChat
  • Disruption of the advertising space

Each of these trends has already begun to disrupt the traditional ways that companies market their products and services, or they will soon do so in a big way.

The good news is that now is an excellent time to jump on board with experiential marketing! In fact, you can start today by trying one or more of these new approaches as soon as tomorrow...just make sure your company has them all set up by 2023 when they're expected to take off like rocket ships!

Live streaming video

Live streaming video is a great way to reach your audience. Live streaming allows you to connect with customers in real time, allowing you to engage with them directly and immediately. This can be done through live chat or comments on the video itself, which makes it easier than ever before for people who watch your videos or streamers themselves to get involved in the conversation.

Live streaming also provides an opportunity for businesses looking for feedback from their target market by giving them an opportunity interact directly with consumers in real time (or near-real time). For example, if you're selling clothing online then why not ask some of your followers about what styles they like best? Or if you run an ecommerce store then what better way could there be than asking shoppers who've already bought something from you how happy they were with their purchase?

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are the future of marketing, eCommerce, entertainment and retail.

If you're not already familiar with the terms "AR" (augmented reality) or "VR" (virtual reality), then you need to get up to speed fast. AR/VR technologies have been around for decades but are now finally becoming mainstream thanks to advances in hardware and software that allow users to experience immersive digital worlds through their smartphones or VR headsets.

It's easy to see why these platforms have become so popular: they offer businesses an opportunity to connect with customers on an emotional level by providing experiences that cannot be replicated anywhere else in real life--and doing so at scale without requiring any additional resources from them beyond developing some simple apps or building out a few content-driven experiences online.

GPTChat marketing

GPTChat is all the rave right now online. Everyone is talking about how it will replace Google and how it's going to change the marketing game going forward. But what is GPTChat, and how can you use it to grow your business?

GPTChat is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to provide you with answers to your questions. The bot is capable of learning and adapting its responses based on what you ask it. So when designing an event, you can use GPTChat to ask people what they want to see at the event. The bot will then compile a list of all their responses, which you can use to create an agenda for your event.

That's going to help event professionals take experiences to the next level! Talk about taking out all the guess work in what your target audience will want and how to market events to them!

Disruption of the advertising space.

In the future, advertising will be much more personalized and interactive. As a marketer, you will need to be able to target your audience very specifically in order to resonate with them.

You'll also want to make sure that your content is compelling enough that people want to interact with it--and not just because they have no choice if they want access to what you're selling.

Content marketing will become increasingly important as well: if consumers can't find their information through search engines or social media platforms (which are themselves becoming less effective), then brands will have no choice but to provide it themselves via blogs, videos, etc.


We're living in a time of great technological innovation, and these 4 trends are just the tip of the iceberg. As we continue to move into the future, it's important that we keep our eyes open for new ways to market our businesses and brands.

To learn more about experiential marketing trends, or to stay up-to-date on the latest developments, click here to join us at the next Event Planner Expo in New York in October!



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