Storytelling for Event Planners: 3 Marketing Strategies That Engage

January 3, 2024 Jessica Stewart

Marketing and advertising are essential for event promotion. But, event planners are finding better results with effective storytelling as part of their content marketing efforts. When you use stories, you can resonate with your audience in a more profound way. And it leads to increased engagement, boosted event attendance, and greater marketing reach. Today, we’re sharing insights to help you incorporate storytelling into your event marketing strategy so you can tap into the most effective way to connect with your event guests and clients.

1. Know Your Event Audience First

Storytelling with your event marketing will ONLY work if it matters to your target audience. Know your audience first, identifying pain points, preferences, and motivations. These persona characteristics will help you determine the purpose of your messaging. It’s also important to know these details because the most effective content marketing is messaging that feels personalized. Look to:

  • Identify with something they like, love, or need.
  • Recognize obstacles they may be facing.
  • Highlight layers of solutions that will help them.
  • Set expectations of the event’s vibe, themes, and excitement.

2. Build Your Marketing ‘Story’ Around the Four Ps

When you put together your event’s story, make sure you address the “why” and “how” of your event. Additionally, you’ll want to follow the four Ps or pillars of every great and engaging story.

  • People: Make your event guests or clients the center of your marketing message, answering: what’s in it for them?
  • Places: Create immersive language when describing the venue, vibes, themes, and expected experiences.
  • Purpose: Align the vision or mission of your event with those of your ideal attendees.
  • Plot: Describe the challenges they’ll overcome or pain points they can address by attending your NYC event.

3. How to Make an Event ‘Story’ Strategic

Create your event’s official marketing message, including its mission and experience-related selling points. Then, look to create stories with these varied steps:

  • Focus content on “them,” not “you.”
  • Great hooks grab attention.
  • Address pain points and challenges.
  • Create emotional connections.
  • Keep it simple and authentic.
  • Make it easy for them to engage further.

Immerse Yourself in Marketing Insights at The Expo

As we head into the new year, event planners will be eager to adopt and implement great event marketing strategies that engage today’s audiences. Make storytelling part of your marketing strategy equation and keep these insights in mind. Find more creative marketing advice from top influencers and industry experts at The Event Planner Expo 2024, too! Book your exhibitor space, explore sponsorships, and make your splash at the event industry’s premier NYC conference this year!

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