The Ultimate Guide to Leverage TikTok for Your Event Business

February 2, 2023 Mario Stewart

Is your events business on TikTok yet? If you’re not, it’s definitely worth a look, considering its reach potential. And if you’re an event planner already dabbling with TikTok, are you experiencing results? 

Tap into the power of TikTok the right way with this ultimate guide for leveraging the platform for your New York event business. 

Getting Started with TikTok

You’ll need to start by creating a TikTok profile for your event business. From there, you can sit down and develop a winning content strategy. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Sharing Event Tips and Tutorials
  • Showcasing Your Events
  • Taking Viewers Behind the Scenes with You
  • Highlight NYC Event Trends
  • Community News and Support Efforts
  • Inspirational and Motivational
  • Pets and People in Your Business

You’ll next want to optimize your TikTok profile and tap into all the available metrics to measure posting reach ongoing. 

It Has to Be Unique to You

Inauthenticity isn’t going to fly on TikTok. Most of your social media engagements tend to be conversational and authentic already. But forced, overly promotional, too professional, or fake videos will simply be ignored. TikTok is where you go to be uniquely you, fun, and even silly. It’s how your audience will get a glimpse into the “person” behind your event planning brand. Your TikTok content will always be relevant when it’s rooted in who you are and what you do. When developing content ideas, make sure your personality resonates. And don’t be afraid to post those blunders and mistakes, too. They’re what make you human and likable. 

Trending Songs and Music

TikTok makes it super easy to record, edit, share, and organize your event planning videos. And you can create 150-character descriptions for each. But the music is the heart and soul of each video. TikTok will share which songs are currently trending, so don’t be afraid to tap into those for added audience reach. Take a reading on what types of posts are trending with those songs, so you can follow suit. And when you find a song on another video that you like, just click on the title and “Add to Favorites” for use in your video library.

Challenges and Participation

Don’t be afraid to bandwagon and get in on some of the fun and relevant TikTok challenges. Participation in TikTok trends can significantly boost your viewership. Pairing a challenge with a trending song and equally trending hashtag can be downright incredible for views. Just be careful that you aren’t participating in one of the overly ridiculous challenges that are dangerous or too controversial.

Frequency Posting Commitments

You don’t have to post every day on TikTok to be successful. However, if you’re not posting with any degree of frequency or are more sporadic about posts, you won’t be leveraging the platform to its fullest potential. As part of your content strategy, create a posting schedule you can commit to, including post days and times. Some data suggests that afternoon and evening posts gain the most traction right now. So, if you’re not posting too often in the beginning, consider uploading towards the end of the day when the most users are scrolling.

Be Location Specific

If you’re a New York-based professional, be mindful of mentioning NYC and your location often with your TikTok posts. Include NYC in your captions, too. Even if you’re trying to attract outside the city, the algorithms will work in your favor when you’re rooted in your geographic location.

Never Delete Your Posts

You might upload a solid library of videos before one particular video takes off and goes viral. In those instances, when you gain tons of new viewers all in one shot, they’ll often go back through your past posts and drive additional engagement on those. So, even if you have a post or two now that aren’t gaining much traction. Leave them there. They can drive traffic later, and the more posts you have, the more established your channel will become.

If your event planning business isn’t on TikTok yet, use this ultimate guide to inspire your online video efforts. And for all the business advice you’ll ever need to grow and scale your New York event business, be an exhibitor at The Event Planner Expo 2023! Get in the room and form all the strategic partnerships you need to boost every aspect of your business!

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