Top Ways to Create Engaging Content for Events

June 27, 2019 Susan Serena

Each event is different with unique objectives and target market. Some ideas will work better than others. Though, no matter the details, these advertising methods and ideas really stood out to us when researching the best event  marketing strategies.

Making video and graphics front and center on your event website


This event website truly made excellent use of video and various graphics to certainly give you insight of the event setting and build FOMO.

Facebook pages that really challenge people to get involved


Use Facebook ads for event marketing in order to amplify your message to new audiences. Make sure that your post is very visual as this leverages the strengths of Facebook to ensure better success. These ads show on the side of the Facebook screen, while boosted posts show in the timeline.

Share Intriguing Images to Inspire and Interest Your Audience


Instagram is one of the hottest social media tools for event marketing out there with the under-35 crowd making this their go-to for connectivity. With the enormous use of pictures and hashtags to aid in finding what interests you, event professionals need to maximize what Instagram can offer in both event ideas and advertising promotions.

Leverage Hashtags to Connect Your Community

Choose a strong hashtag that works to aggregate all your posts. Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke encouraged people to share a coke with someone they knew, even if they weren’t there. Suddenly people were scouring shelves looking for their name and the name of loved ones. This is a great example of genius event marketing!

Maximize the Speed of Social Media for Timely Updates

The speed of social media makes it perfect for surprise ticket giveaways or contests. If you need to boost attendance, you can use social media to offer a time-limited discount or other special deal.

Email marketing that delights and surprises to break through the clutter


Drivers Note, a simple tool used for tracking your business mileage, will send you a friendly email if you haven’t used them to track any trips in 14 days. The email will express concern for your well-being by asking “Is everything alright?”. Take this as a good example of a thoughtful follow-up to engage with guests or sponsors that have not committed to next year’s event.

Amplifying your event promotion by leveraging Influencer or partner affiliate programs


Influencers are famous people who use their popularity or following to amplify your event’s message. Well-known influencers like bloggers, minor celebrities, and streamers/ vloggers in addition to industry authorities are valuable in event marketing because they have their own following who trust them. Being endorsed by these influencers can be a way to make use of “word-of-mouth” referrals which are known to have the best conversion rates. This is also much more effective as they’re seen as more truthful and dependable and can have huge followings and engagement.

Go Live to Entice Interest in Your Event for Next Year



Use Facebook Live and video to get your page to the top of the search engine rankings. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival made excellent use of live and video posts to peak your interest. It can also be leveraged as a teaser for future events.

To learn about more event marketing tools, be sure to attend The Event Planner Expo in New York each year!








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