How to Boost Registration Conversions

January 20, 2020 Susan Serena

Nearly all NYC Event Planners need an event website that share their same purpose: to persuade visitors to register for an event. To gain a better understanding of how to build an website that not only looks good but drives people to register, we’ve compiled a list of what to look for in your event website. We’ve also included names of quality event registration websites that are great examples of how to reach your registration goals.

So, what exactly are the capabilities NYC Event Planners should look for, you ask? Although the following features are by no means the end all be all, each one is representative of event websites that do well to boost conversions.

Vibrant calls to action - A prime event website can successfully convert a website visitor into an attendee. Getting visitors to take a specific action on a page is known as a call to action. A call to action (also known as CTA) is usually in the form of a button or a series of buttons. An exceptional event website will clarify what the CTA is to the visitor by drawing attention to that specific action.

Call to Action Event Websites for NYC Event Planners:

Concise value propositions - You can probably talk for hours about your event, but an event website should be strategic in its communication of value propositions. By being concise with this information, website visitors can quickly discern how this event will benefit them which then expedites their decision-making process.

Concise Value Propositions Websites for NYC Event Planners:

Leveraging your strengths - Each event has one or two unique selling points that should be heavily emphasized throughout the website. Whereas being concise with value propositions answers the question of, “What will I get from this event?”, being able to leverage the event strengths answers the question: “How is this event different from any of others?” Successful event marketing entails a self-awareness of what makes this event stand out from the rest and by further highlighting this point throughout the site, visitors will feel more inclined to register for the event.

Websites to Help NYC Event Planners with Leveraging Your Strengths

Unified brand aesthetic - As with any stand-out website, exceptional visual design leaves an impression on visitors. However, great design means very little for an event website if the event brand is not properly showcased. Stunning aesthetics must always be intertwined with the event brand to create a memorable website experience for those who come to the website. This will help ensure that potential attendees will differentiate your event from the rest.

Event Websites NYC Event Planners Use for Unified Brand Aesthetic


Whether NYC Event Planners are organizing a non-profit summit or a SaaS user conference, the list of examples we used above will serve to spark motivation and reveal information on what it will take to drive conversion on an event registration website.

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