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You may know Daymond John as one of the investors on the ABC television series Shark Tank, or maybe you own a few pieces from Fubu, or maybe you’ve read one of his best selling books, but any way you put it, you’ve absolutely heard of Daymond John and what he’s built. From his wildly successful role on ABC's Shark Tank to his distinguished status as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, awarded by President Barack Obama, he is recognized as one of the top business minds of our era. This Entrepreneur and Branding Expert has built a 6 Billion Dollar company Fubu along with numerous other successful partnerships and businesses. Daymond knows that momentum is needed and he doesn’t stop. He has been able to carry his talents across platforms and mediums and in turn, share his experiences and knowledge with many young entrepreneurs and startups. Daymond is a branding guru and dynamic motivational speaker, with more than 25 years of proven business experience. He is a highly sought after speaker, with a sharp mind that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs. And let it be known, the man knows brands. Daymond created his brand consulting company, The Shark Group, to reveal the secrets that made FUBU a $6 billion global brand and reinvigorated the once defunct Coogi brand into the biggest fashion line in its space. Consulting for some of the top Fortune 500 as well as some of the most innovative, growing companies in the world. Daymond and The Shark Group share advice and experience on branding, licensing, social media, influencer integration, marketing strategy and overall business consultation. Daymond offers a plethora of his knowledge through his books, website and free resources.


If you want to experience Daymond live, get yourself a ticket to The Event Planner Expo taking place Oct 2021. Daymond John is a keynote speaker and will be touching on topics across the board that will surely resonate with anyone interested in scaling their business. https://www.theeventplannerexpo.com/ 


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