Top 10 Wedding and Event Planning Companies to Know and Work with in NYC

June 8, 2019 Erica Maurer

Are you in the New York City area and looking for an expert event planner?

The Event Planner Expo is just around the corner! This expo is hosting several of the city's most successful event planning companies in the industry. If you're in the area, now is the time to become acquainted with the cream of the crop that can help take your party to the top!

Let's get a quick introduction into who these event managers and companies are, and what they can offer for your event planning needs!

Top 10 Event Planning Companies

Let's take a look at our top 10 event and party planners in New York City!

Some of them will even be featured at The Event Planner Expo this year, so be sure to check them out in person if you can.

1. Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie is at the top of the event planning industry for tailored, luxurious experiences. 

The Colin Cowie Lifestyle team is the platinum label for event planning, featuring top-notch hospitality and catering. They have over 30 years of experience across 100 countries as a team of world-class producers and event designers. 

They feature an all-encompassing arsenal of professionals who offer expertise in theme and design, culinary delights, service and hospitality, entertainment, and all other planning needs. The Colin Cowie Lifestyle team is noted for setting trends and taking event planning to new heights with the wildest dreams realized.

Colin Cowie imbues his projects with a sense of style and sophistication that appeal to socialities and celebrities all around the globe. He is a favored choice by clients like:

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Jennifer Anniston
  • Tom Cruise
  • Kim Kardashian

Born in Zambia and raised in South Africa, Colin Cowie shares his success by being an avid supporter of charities focused on children's health and education. He is well-versed at designing charitable functions as well as weddings, galas, celebrations, or corporate events.

Each time, Colin Cowie Lifestyle sets an unparalleled standard for creativity and specificity to details that astonish all with magical, memorable experiences.

To Colin Cowie, an event is an orchestration of the senses.

2. Mindy Weiss

Full-service event planner Mindy Weiss is a master of directing weddings, parties, and baby showers.

Fans of the ABC television series, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, will recognize Mindy Weiss, There, she showcased her design direction on the weddings of Trista and Ryan, J.P. and Ashley, and Sean and Catherine.

Since her debut in 1992, Mindy Weiss Part Consultants have been creating custom weddings and parties bespoke to each client's dreams. Mindy Weiss and her team are recognized in New York City as innovators and trendsetters for their unique ideas, surprising theatricals, and delightful details down to every last inch.

Not only has Mindy Weiss risen to the top as a seasoned event planner, but she has also expanded her brand to share her lifestyle expertise with books, product lines, and spokesperson partnerings.

She has a successful line of wedding stationery and bridal jewelry. As an author, she has written three, best-selling books adored by many socialites: The Wedding BookThe Wedding Planner and Organizer, and The Baby Keepsake Book and Planner.

Taking the media by storm, Mindy Weiss has directed extravagant and elegant parties for an A-list clientele, including:

  • Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan
  • Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello
  • Ellen Degeneres and Portia Rossi
  • Fergie and Josh Duhamel
  • Russell and Nina Westbrook
  • Nicole Richie and Joel Madden
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Heidi Klum
  • Pink

3. Cerbelli Creative

In his own words, Michael Cerbelli is the very definition of international events. 

This year, Michael Cerbelli was inducted into the event industry community's Hall of Fame. They recognized his 41 years of success in Cerbelli Creative for their experience in:

  • Event design and production
  • Social meetings
  • Corporate hospitality and sponsorships
  • Wedding events
  • Party rentals

Cerbelli Creative has gained notoriety for offering events beaming with breathtaking creativity and mad-technical expertise. From a birthday party for the King of Morocco to an Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and a milestone event at the Palace of Catherine the Great, Cerbelli Creative is an icon in entertainment and social events.

Michael’s recent multi-million dollar ‘Brooklyn Bar-Mitzvah’ at the Barclay Center captured the attention of worldwide media outlets from CNN to the BBC.

Still, Michael is always pushing his passion further, to give back to the event community to create even more incredible, groundbreaking experiences. Cerbelli Creative special event managers unite producers throughout New York City and beyond, finding the latest trends with every up-and-coming inspiration.

Cerbelli Creative strives to make every event extraordinary, a dream present in reality that is waiting to be released. 

4. Save the Date

Save the Date offers over 20 years of seasoned expertise as savvy event planners.

Save the Date revolutionized the event planning industry with an à la carte system that lets clients pick and choose their needs and services. With this flexibility, any dream can be brought to reality.

They specialize in the practicalities and logistics that encompass every detail in designing an event for ANY budget. Save the Date is New York's elite event planning company for corporate, nonprofit, weddings, social gatherings, and coming-of-age celebrations. 

Save the Date ensures happy clients by treating each and every event personally like they're family. To them, they know that every penny needs to be spent wisely to ensure the most glitz and glam possible.

Save the Date can save any event because they never lose sight of the guest’s experience!

5. EMRG Media

EMRG Media is a full-service event planner, marketing company, industry guru, and so much more!

Annually, EMRG Media produces The Event Planner Expo and publishes The NYC Venue Guide. This guide features the best event spaces, restaurants, hotels, and night clubs that New York City has to offer. EMRG Media's publication has been the go-to standard for event planners all over the city.

EMRG Media has established many marketing and branding strategies for companies new and old, big and small. They take each company's specific needs to formulate an image for today's market. Each company has since found increased visibility, fiscal security, business productivity, and customer interaction.

EMRG Media develops marketing strategies for top venues throughout Manhattan, such as:

  • 1OAK
  • Up&Down
  • Landry’s
  • The Kimberly Hotel
  • Capitale
  • Hammerstein Ballroom
  • Edison Ballroom
  • The Foundry

Additionally, as an event planning company EMRG Media coordinates with several corporations throughout New York City. Some clients include:

  • Tumblr
  • Captain Morgan
  • Columbia Records
  • Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Shutterstock
  • Bloomingdales
  • Governor Cuomo’s Office
  • Conde Nast
  • Moet Hennessy

6. David Tutera

David Tutera has become synonymous with style, elegance, creativity, and vision. He has been a leading entertainment expert with his artistic direction that encapsulates the astonishing events he designs. 

His artistic abilities were first discovered by his grandfather while working in the family floral shop. David's grandfather encouraged him to pursue his artistic passions, and at the age of 19, David opened his own event planning business with a single customer. Today, he presides over an award-winning company built from hard work, dedication, and a passion for beauty.

Tutera’s has designed for several film premieres and celebrity parties for royalty, politicians, and socialites. His impressive client list for event planning includes:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Matthew Mc Conaughey
  • The Official Post Grammy Parties in New York City
  • Elton John
  • Star Jones
  • Barbara Walters
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Vice President Gore at the White House
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Susan Lucci

David Tutera believes that an event is more than a party — it's an interactive experience about who you are.

7. David Monn

David Monn has been dubbed by many in the community as "the Architect of Style."

A celebrated artist, Monn boasts a portfolio quite unlike any event planner. He has created some of New York City's most sensational events for institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Public Library, the Guggenheim Museum, the Metropolitan Opera, and the New York City Ballet.

Also, David Monn debuted “In the Void,” an experimental, theatrical performance at the Park Avenue Armory.

Before he flourished as an event planner, he was a contributing editor and columnist for Departures magazine. He had also worked in the fashion, interior design, and jewelry crafting. His unparalleled experience is demonstrated in his elegant and refined tastes, drawing out an appreciation of the five senses.

David Monn’s success is based on his own, personal philosophy: a commitment to beauty which intends to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

8. SWANK Productions

Launched in 2001, SWANK Productions is the brainchild of Maya Kalman.

Maya Kalman had always considered herself a business-savvy leader with an eye for fashion and design. It wasn't until the airing of her own wedding on the Food Television Network that Maya Kalman took a leap of faith. She combined her talents and skills in marketing, communications, and innate design sense to open SWANK Productions.

Today, Maya has developed SWANK Productions into an event planning company recognized worldwide. SWANK specializes in offering a truly unique, one-of-a-kind party and event experience for social royalties and teen moguls around the world.

SWANK Productions boasts a plethora of clients that love them because they go beyond their client's wildest expectations. There has never been a challenge Maya Kalman and her team wouldn't take on or a request they couldn't find a way to fill. 

Maya Kalman believes there's nothing that quite compares to the feeling of watching her team's hard work come together, and then seeing the client's reaction.

9. Rafanelli Events

Brian Rafanelli grew up in a large family in Rhode Island. “The sense of community and of bringing people together to have a good time just for ‘good time’s sake’ has always been inside me,” he says.

Brian launched his company in 1996 as a three-person operation hosting a handful of events a year. Since then, the extensive team at Rafanelli Events has produced more than 2,000 events in over 60 cities across nine countries. They have offices in New York City, Boston, and Palm Beach.

Rafanelli Events work with clients as unique as the events they plan. They're familiar with designing events for individuals and intimate gatherings, all the way up to events for Fortune 500 corporations and large, non-profit organizations. For each one, Rafanelli Events has crafted unforgettable memories.

From weddings and private parties to corporate events and non-profit fundraisers, Rafanelli Events imbues unique inspiration in everything they design. The team at Rafanelli Events has found their success by listening to and respecting the needs of their clients while incorporating their innate sensibilities and joyful spirit.

When choosing Rafanelli Events, have confidence that every detail of the celebration is executed perfectly.

10. Impulse Event Productions

At Impulse Event Productions, there is no request they haven’t heard or a vision they have not been able to execute.

Impulse Event Productions plans, produces, and executes large-scale events for special occasions, milestone celebrations, corporate parties, conferences and charity galas. They have vast experience as a full-service event planner, including:

  • Basic services
  • 3rd party management
  • Venue sourcing and coordination
  • Vendor sourcing and coordination
  • Atmosphere and ambiance
  • Entertainment
  • Audio/Visual coordination
  • Staffing

Impulse Event Productions has vast experience with a variety of clients, demonstrating there's no vision they can't bring to life.

Through a detailed consulting process, they are able to respect the needs, goals, wishes, and worries of their clients. Using their strategic relationships with venues and vendors, Impulse Event Productions produces unforgettable events above and beyond expectations.

As a full-service event planning company, Impulse Event Productions is able to do as much or as little as needed.

Get Planning Now

Fortunately for you, many of these special event managers will be gathered at The Event Planner Expo to answer questions and share their stories. 

Get your tickets now so you can meet with these event planning companies and others! Find out how they can bring the best of their talents and skills to the event you're next envisioning.

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