4 Benefits of Networking with Other Event Professionals

May 12, 2022 Desiree Homer

In the event planning industry, competition is fierce. But the most successful event planners in New York know the value of networking with other event professionals. Making connections and building relationships with other event planners can present a host of benefits for your business. Here are a few pillar advantages you can leverage by building connections with other event professionals. 

Sharing Creative Ideas

Networking with other event planners will allow collaboration of creative ideas and forming strategic partnerships. Sometimes it can feel like you’re giving away trade secrets but in the end, it’s better for your business and theirs to keep your creative ideas fresh. You can always stay on top of the latest event planning trends when everyone continues to share valuable insights and best practices. The end result is that all networking parties can take away something new to create incredible event experiences for their clients.

Sharing Insights to Address Common Challenges

Another key advantage of networking with other event planners in New York is the ability to share unique solutions to common challenges. The event industry as a whole will continue to improve as a service offering when all the players on the field can dodge obstacles and overcome objections together. Networking with other event professionals will allow you to exchange insights about handling last-minute cancellations, vendor conflicts, and demanding clients. And having access to more or varying solutions to any problems is a win for you and your clients.

Sharing Connections to Improve Client Event Experiences

Some event professionals specialize in social event planning, while others prefer more corporate engagements. Event planners on both sides of the aisle have an incredible opportunity to help each other, which ultimately only improves client experiences overall. Developing relationships with other professionals can also lead to an exchange of referrals, pooling of vendor resources, and invites to meet and network with a broader audience. Meet new influencers and stay on the front line of what defines an engaging event. While your business will directly benefit from the increased networking, the client event experiences across the industry will also improve as a result. 

Where to Meet Other Event Planners in New York

So, where can you go to meet fellow event planners in New York? You can try to bump into them at the newest restaurant openings, various networking events  or invite them to lunch but if you want to get three-day access to New York’s best event planners all in one place, you have to attend The Event Planner Expo 2022 10 Year Anniversary in October. This event is the absolute best place to network with fellow event professionals, industry leaders and top brand representatives. You don’t want to miss this year’s event. It’s where New York’s best and brightest come to share, connect, and grow their businesses.

Get your tickets today! Whether you come as an attendee or choose to also be a sponsor or exhibitor, be prepared for an awe-inspiring experience!

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