7 Advantages of Attending Networking Events

February 25, 2020 Susan Serena

Event professionals have been told time and time again that networking events are crucial for their careers, yet there are still a great number of event professionals who don’t attend them. Networking events are a crucial steppingstone for event planners and can only be of great benefit to their career. But don’t believe us, just read on and find out why should you attend networking events and then decide for yourself.

1. Build Relationships

The greatest part about networking events is that like-minded people are all together in a casual environment. If your goal is to meet associates in the events industry, then you should most certainly attend networking events. These events allow you to get to know other event professionals, vendors, promoters, business owners in a social setting that facilitates relationship building.

2. Stay Up to date with Trends

When you’re in a room with people from the events industry, you are bound to you are bound to get into some passionate convos about what has been happening lately. This offers an excellent opportunity to hear about the latest trends, and areas in which others have been focusing on. It’s also the perfect chance to recognize the trends of your target market and now your networking efforts turn into a chance for business growth.

3. Develop New Ideas

There’s usually an acclaimed guest speaker at most networking events. Hearing their ideas can be very successful and is always an opportunity to learn about something new. If you treat networking events as a chance to learn something new, you’ll find that they can become super beneficial to you.

4. Connect with Influencers

It’s not typical that you would have the chance to connect with leaders and key influencers in the events industry. If you were to walk past them in the streets, you’d probably miss the opportunity to stop them, but a networking event provides you with the environment to approach influencers and open the floor for a discussion.

5. Stay Motivated

Most networking events will help trigger fresh ideas, visions and provide a sense of inspiration. When you are placed in a room with fellow go getters, it’s quite hard NOT TO go home and start visually planning what more you can be doing. If you’re not interested in building relationships, attend a networking event as an opportunity to be motivated by others.

6. Socialize

Spending time in the office can sometimes get to be a bit too much for the soul, so why not attend a networking event where you can enjoy a good cocktail and break away from your usual day a bit? Networking events for any industry provide a great setting for both socializing as well as boosting your reputation and career, so it’s a win-win from that standpoint.

7. Recruit Team Members

If you’re in a role where recruitment is a factor, networking get-togethers can be a perfect way to meet new candidates. Generally, the attendees are attracted to networking, and are enthusiastic about learning more from others. It’s a great way to gain a casual understanding of an individual and elect whether to move forward with a formal meeting.


Event professionals know firsthand that connecting with people lands more clientele than any other form of client recruitment. People who hire event planners want to know that you’re easy to connect with, speak to, and of course, that you are a true professional. Sure, they can read reviews about you and see pictures on your website and social media profiles to see what others say about your work. However, seeing it live and direct while interacting with you resonates in their decision making in a much stronger way.

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